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Huawei works with the Chinese government

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNBC on Thursday that Huawei is actually working with the Chinese government, despite the Chinese telecoms giant denying it.

"They say they are not working with the Chinese government is wrong," said Pompeo. "At least the Huawai CEO does not tell the truth to the American people."

"If you are a government-led company and you are taking subsidies directly from the Chinese government, there is no doubt that you can make real hay," he said on Squawk Box. "I think the world wants systems that they can trust."

Huawei, a leading provider of 5G technology, has been trying to win contracts around the world, including the UK and Germany, to build a network that exponentially accelerates the Internet.

Pompeo has been critical of Chinese technology companies in the past and met with British executives earlier this month to discuss Securing US intelligence against Huawei. He travels around the world to meet with government leaders.

Last week, the White House effectively blacklisted Huawei, making it harder to continue doing business with US companies in China's unfair trading practices.

There is no planned meeting between Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin and Chinese officials to reevaluate talks to end the US-China trade war, but Pompeo said he hopes that will change soon.

"It's important that the conversation continues," Pompeo said. "I have seen them make real progress and I hope they can continue to do so."

Chinese officials have told the Trump administration that recent US trade measures are preventing negotiations from continuing.

If the US wants to continue negotiating, they should sincerely correct their wrongdoing. Only then can the talks continue, "said Commerce Department spokesman Gao Feng.

China's high-ranking diplomat told Pompeo on Saturday that the government had been acting recently words have damaged Chinese interests and should not" be too "in the current trade dispute

Pompeo told CNBC that he knew that the US did not demand modest changes in trade rules, but said that this was important to the nation.

"It is undoubtedly a big question, but it's important for the US, and President Trump is determined, "he said.

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