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Huawei's 90-day deadline expires today. And now?

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The US gave Huawei after the trade ban against the one 90-day period manufacturer in May , The trading ban that allows US companies to maintain business with Huawei expires today (19 August).

Reuters reported Friday that the US Department of Commerce would set another 90-day grace period, citing two sources. The expansion would allow Huawei to maintain its current telecommunications networks and update its Android phones.

Well, the Newswire reports, President Donald Trump does not want US companies to deal with the company.

"At this moment, it looks like we're not doing business," Trump told reporters Sunday before boarding Air Force One, insisting that the company was a national security threat.

Trump said parts of Huawei's business could be excluded from a wider ban, but added that this was "very complicated." The president did not state whether another extension would be made by 90 days granted to the company.

Trump's comments come a few months after he partially lifted the Chinese company's ban. The President said that US companies could sell equipment to Huawei as long as these devices have no impact on national security.

We contacted Huawei and asked how an expired extension would affect the company's operations, new devices, and current updates. The company has not responded yet, but we will update the article if they come back.

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