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Huawei's founder is reportedly expecting daughter Meng Wanzhou to be imprisoned

The founder of Chinese technology giant Huawei expects his daughter – who is also the financial head of the company – to be sentenced to prison for alleged violations of US trade sanctions.

Huawei's founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei reportedly told China's government-sponsored television network he expected Ms. Meng Wanzhou, CFO, to be imprisoned. Meng is currently under house arrest in Canada, as she waits for her to be extradited to the United States to file charges there.

US prosecutors accused Meng of hiding Huawei's connections with a company called Skycom, which has sold over $ 1

00 million worth of technological equipment to Iran. According to a translation of his comments by BBC journalist Stuart Lau, Ren was "not worried" about his daughter's future.

"My daughter is a very optimistic person," Ren reportedly told Chinese television. "Every time I call her, she says she's very busy, a very rich life."

Ren said Meng studies "five or six subjects" and "will do his PhD in prison," Lau said.

Lau noted that it is possible that Ren Meng's current house arrest was called a "jail".

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Since Meng was arrested for the first time in December, Huawei has denied any wrongdoing and upheld the innocence of his executive. The arrest has already exacerbated tensions between the US and China. China has retaliated by arresting two Canadian citizens and threatening further consequences.

The relationship between the US and Huawei, however, has continued to deteriorate. US prosecutors have since filed charges against Meng and Huawei for bank and wire fraud, theft of trade secrets, and obstruction of justice.

The US has also taken action against Huawei for fear that the Chinese government will use the Chinese company's technology as a backdoor for espionage. The US Department of Commerce has recently added Huawei to a commercial blacklist that prevents the company from buying parts and components from US companies without US government approval, even though the government has temporarily relaxed its restrictions on Huawei's existing customers can work together.

The blacklist led Google and other technology providers to abandon their ties to Huawei, which could dramatically impact the company's business and smartphone production. (However, Google confirmed on Tuesday that the hiring of Android services has ceased.)

Ren, the founder of Huawei, told Chinese television on Tuesday that his company was "fully prepared" for an inevitable conflict with the US be.

"Guilt should be directed at US politicians, not at companies," he said.

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