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Hulu, Xbox Live and Reddit fail on Wednesday afternoon


Hulu, Xbox Live and Reddit crashed in the Pacific Ocean Wednesday afternoon, according to Down Detector.

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In Internet-Fail-News, it seems that streaming service Hulu, game service Xbox Live and self-described "homepage of the Internet" have eliminated all experienced failures on Wednesday afternoon.

Down Detector recorded more than 10,000 reports of Microsoft's inactivity on Xbox Live and another 10,000 Hulu inactivity reports. The Xbox Live Status page confirms that the main services are "restricted".

"Our team is working hard to address issues that some users have when accessing Xbox Live," Xbox Live told CNET in an email message at 15:58. PT.

The Xbox Live page indicated that users have had trouble signing in, browsing, and creating, managing, or restoring their accounts since about 1:58 pm. PT. The affected platforms are Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox on Windows 10, and Xbox on other devices.

"We believe we've identified the issue, which causes some members to have trouble signing in to Xbox Live," reads the status page.

All Xbox Live services have been marked active from 16:48. PT.

Hulu Support has tweeted that its service should be available again after "investigating with high priority" and "making some changes". It told another user that the failure was "due to a problem with us".

"Sorry for the problem, there has been a problem that may have affected your service ." If you turn the device off and on again, the problem should be resolved, "Tweeted Hulu a user at 15:46 PT.

Reddit also appeared to have problems at times because some people did not load posts on the site. When trying to load top posts on Reddit with Chrome and Safari, the message "Sorry, for some reason, reddit can not be reached" was displayed, even though the "New Posts" section worked when CNET tried to load it ,

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Corinne Reichert / CNET

Loading the Reddit mobile website also took longer than usual, but the mobile Reddit app appeared to load as usual. Down Detector showed over 4,300 reports that Reddit was down on Wednesday afternoon. News came from North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Similar to last month when Reddit temporarily failed only a few users were affected. [16915006] At 4:15 pm PT, Reddit seemed to be fully functional again.

The Reddit outage we noticed around 2:00 pm. PT, saw people flock to Twitter to send their complaints. " Reddit is out of order and considering what to do with my life," a person tweeted. " Reddit makes mishaps for me," said another on Twitter. " Repair your site . It's not available," another tweeted at Reddit.

Twitter users also complained that Hulu and Xbox Live are unavailable which we noticed from about 2:30 pm. PT.

More and more people complained to Twitter about the failure of Xbox Live.

Reddit and Hulu did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

Originally published at 14:30. PT, June 19.
Update, 14:53. PT: Adds more information about Hulu and Xbox Live. Originally published under the heading "Reddit's website is unreachable for some users."
Update, 15:42 PT: Adds an update from Xbox Live if the problem is detected.
Update, 15:55 PT: Adds an update from Hulu to restore services.
Update, 16:23 PT: Adds a comment from Xbox Live. Update on Reddit seems to be working again.
Update, 4:50 pm PT: Adds an update from Xbox Live to Restore Services.

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