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Human mutation rate slowing down that of primate relative, study finds | Science & Tech News

Genome mutations play a key part in evolution, but new work by researchers from Aarhus University and Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark have found

The scientists found that over the past million years, humanity's genome has lagged behind that of chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.

By sequencing the entire genome of families, researchers

"Over the past six years, several large studies have done this for humans, so we have extensive knowledge about the number of new." mutations that occur in humans every year, "said Spren Besenbacher of Aarhus University.

" Until now, however, there have not been any good estimates of mutation r

The chickanzee families, two gorilla families and one orangutan family.

 A chimpanzee smiling
Humans could have Separated from chimpanzees more recently than thought

Researchers found more mutations in all of the families than expected compared to existing studies of human genomic variation – meaning human's initial mutation rate is roughly a third lower than that of apes.

significant repercussions on the length of time. (19659002) Applying the higher mutation rate for apes 6,6 million years ago – compared to 10 million years ago going by the mutation rate f or humans.

"Mikkel Heide Schierup."

"The times of speciation we can now expect from the dated fossils of human ancestors from Aarhus University.

Christina Hvilsom from Copenhagen Zoo added

that reduction in human mutation and evolution could have been more likely than not great ape conservation projects.

"All species of great apes are endangered in the wild," she said.

" how species could cope with future climate change. "

The study," Direct estimation of mutations in great apes reconciles phylogenetic dating ", has been published in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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