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Human Resources Can Listen to Google Assistant Records

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google partners are regularly listening to a few notes that say about their phone or smart speakers like the Google Home system about what others say about the artificial intelligence system, Google Assistant , and check these.

People can access these records after some of the Dutch-language audio snippets have leaked out. David Monsees, Google Product Manager, confirmed the leak in a blog post on Thursday, saying the company was investigating the security breach.

"We are conducting a complete review of our security measures in this area to prevent such misconduct from occurring again." wrote.

More than 1,000 recordings were made by the Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS, which noted in a story that some had confidential personal conversations ̵

1; as well as information that identified the person speaking. According to Google, records do not have user account information associated with them, and examiners are instructed not to transcribe background conversations.

VRT reporters, however, were able to hear private addresses spoken in some records and were able to locate the loudspeakers. Some of these conversations were not directed to the assistant and were led either as a background noise or as a faulty record if the assistant thought he was being approached, but not.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for further comments. [19659002] Google says that contractors listen to recordings to better understand speech patterns and accents. The Company's Terms of Use confirm that records can be used by the company and state that the wizard "records your voice and audio in Google services to improve speech recognition." "These language experts review and transcribe a small set of queries to improve their understanding of these languages," he wrote.

Google's terms do not explicitly state that people review the records, but that data may be analyzed as such. The company is updating services or creating new features.

The company announced earlier this year that its reviewers are listening to anonymous notes in response to a Bloomberg report revealing that Amazon Alexa also uses record-keeping contractors. Amazon has confirmed the report.

Google's recording feature can be disabled. However, this means that the assistant loses part of his personalized note. People who disable the recording function lose the ability of the wizard to recognize individual voices and learn their voice pattern.

The wizard shot is disabled by default. However, the technology encourages users to enable recording and other tools to do this. Get personalized features.

Google Assistant is available on more than 1 billion devices, including smartphones and smart speakers. This has significantly impacted the smart speaker market – still the most important place people use voice technology – but still lagging behind.

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