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"Human trials against cancer vaccines" planned for 2018

A new breakthrough cancer immunotherapy strategy will soon be transferred from mice to humans.

Oncology researcher at Stanford University, including senior professor Dr. Ing. Ronald Levy, have developed a cancer treatment that combats the body's immune system, as recently reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The technique includes "immunoenhipping" injections into cancerous tumors. The treatment eliminated cancer cells in 87 out of 90 mice.

Researchers say that unlike other strategies that sometimes kill immune cells and replace them with genetically engineered cells to fight cancer cells, this newer treatment keeps the body's immune system intact.

"It has recently been shown that the immune system can cure cancer," Stanford researchers wrote in the summary of their January report. Remarkably, they added that this new treatment "can cure multiple cancers and prevent spontaneous genetic cancers".

The newer treatment, which has the potential to be a cheaper and more effective option, is expected to be tested on humans clinical trial sometime this year. The Stanford team is looking for 1

5 volunteers who have lymphoma for the tests.

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