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Humanity will perish from the abnormal drought

  Человечество погибнет от номальной засухи

Scientists believe that climate change will not go unnoticed by the world's population. Scientists have done a great deal of research and have come to the conclusion that, according to their calculations, the death of the earth should come in about five billion years, according to Chronicle.info in relation to Grifonsoft.ru.

The reason for the death of the earth must be abnormal drought that will develop after the sun has turned into a hot red giant.

When the Sun reaches a kind of "boiling point", it will negatively impact the land that will fuel the various disasters, the last of which will be abnormal heat that can destroy the planet. The turbulence on the surface of the planet will make many reservoirs disappear and dramatically reduce the water content, followed by a decrease in temperature.

Scientists believe that the changes that can not survive for the world's population can not go unnoticed, as evidenced by global warming and the ice age that caused the deaths of Earth's former inhabitants.


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