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Hundreds protest against the abortion law in the Alabama Capitol

Hundreds of people sang, carried signs and spokesmen on a March in the State Capitol, which was against Alabama's new abortion law.

Megan Skipper from Montgomery, one of the organizers, said she was overwhelmed by the turnout. The event was announced a few days ago on Facebook.

"We never planned to get that big," Skipper said. "But I think that size shows us that people are crazy. And we are the majority. And these abortion rights are human rights, and we want that for the state of Alabama. "

Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill last week to make it a crime for a doctor to have an abortion in Alabama. The law does not come into effect for six months. Therefore, abortion in Alabama is legal for the time being. Proponents of the bill believe it will be blocked by federal courts, saying that their goal is to call the US Supreme Court to review the decision on Roe's national abortion rights against Wade American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, Yellowhammer Fund, and other organizations that denounced the law were delighted. Other speakers reported on their own experiences with abortions, including one that claimed she was a victim of rape.

  At a rally in the Alabama Capitol, on Sunday people carried signs, chanted and acclaimed speakers, to protest the state's new ban on abortion. (Mike Cason / mcason@al.com).

People were wearing signs, sung and acclaimed speakers at a rally in the Alabama Capitol on Sunday to protest the state's new ban on abortion. (Mike Cason / [email protected]).

Other states are also passing a restrictive abortion law, which is expected to be blocked by courts, including laws prohibiting abortion about six weeks after detection of a fetal heartbeat. The new law of Alabama is the most restrictive and prohibits abortion at any time during pregnancy, except to protect the woman from a serious health risk. There is no exception for rape and incest victims.

At today's rally, Brynleigh Davis from Prattville (20) wore a sign saying "Take care of your own womb."

Davis said she came in part to represent friends who feel the same as her but are afraid to say anything. She said it was not hard for her to say her opinion.

"I'm crazy, I'm angry and here in the long run," said Davis, who will be junior at AUM this fall. "I am here to see that this is simply taken away."

Proponents of legislation say that their goal is to protect human life, and that much more is known about the development of the fetus than was the case , as Roe v. Wade was decided 46 years ago. They noted that last year Alabama voters approved Amendment No 2, which confirmed the state's recognition of the rights of the unborn, including the right to life, and that the Alabama law recognized the unborn as a victim in murder cases.

Davis asked what she wanted I would say to those who regard abortion as taking a human life: "I would tell them that it's okay to have their own opinion, but I do not think they can tell someone else what they should do with their body.

Anna Belle May, 20, from Prattville, also said she was angry at the new law.

"It's not something that should have happened," May said. I do not have to protest. There is a separation of church and state for a reason, and we bring the church into the law.

May said the Sunday rally was her first time to participate in a political protest. But she said she voted and voted against Amendment 2 last year.

Travis Jackson of Montgomery, who volunteered to escort women to worship at the Montgomery Abortion Clinic, described Sunday's rally turnout as "magnificent" "If it were only the attention of the state, you would not have as many people out there as you are seeing right now, "Jackson said. "But since it has the attention of America, it's a wonderful thing. It makes everyone aware of what's really going on in the state of Alabama.

"Where there are more people, there will be more power."

  Hundreds marched in protest today along Dexter Avenue in Montgomery up to the state capitol of the new Alabama law criminalizing abortion. (Mike Cason / mcason@al.com)

Hundreds marched up Montgomery's Dexter Avenue to the State Capitol today to protest Alabama's new bill to criminalize abortion. (Mike Cason / [email protected])

Capt. Regina Duckett from the Montgomery Police Department said the organizers had expected about 500 people and she estimated that the crowd was close.

Duckett said the event was peaceful and without arrests. She said there was a counter-protest with a handful of participants, but there were no incidents.

The rally ministers urged the demonstrators to continue engaging with the topic and voting booth.

"I think it is people who are committed to this struggle to ensure that they are in contact with their elected officials, but also compassionate and help local organizations like the Yellowhammer Fund, to give women access to abortion enable.

"There is a special resolve to make and ensure that people are aware of electoral policy and continue to be involved in voting and contacting their legislators.

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