He was accompanied by one of the deputy mayors and a representative.

Balázs Somogyi, the mayor of Perkáta in Fejér County, will leave his post effective September 30th. Alikó Bogó, deputy mayor, and László Szilasy, a representative of the local government, resigned with him. All three received a mandate as candidates for the Cidesz-KDNP Association for Civic Cooperation last October.

Regarding the lack of investment, in Monday’s statement posted on the village’s website, they stressed that “they are not involved in the destruction of Perkáta”. They also wrote that last year was marked by indecision to deceive voters in the constituency in October last year with the “pseudo-independence” of other board members and “to serve the interests of the national opposition parties against the interests of their own Perkáta settlement”.

The announcement stated that, taking into account the result of the pre-selection of local government elections of 13 last year, local government representatives will be replaced and replaced by alternates on the list. However, a provisional local election must be arranged for the position of mayor.

Until the election of the new mayor, Mihály Sarok (independent) deputy mayor will lead the settlement as acting mayor.

According to Valasztas.hu, in addition to the mayor, deputy mayor and representatives who have since resigned, four independent representatives have been accepted into the representation in Perkáta.

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