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A full film education cannot get into the room

Another turning point in the SZFE case: a complete film education cannot get into the room Not only one of the SZFE departments, but also the entire film education can no longer enter the TV studio room in the building on Szentkirályi Street, because the associated keys were not given to the students by the employees according to the instructions …

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Robert Redford’s son died

Robert Redford’s son, James Redford, who made several films himself, died. James Redford died of liver cancer at the age of 58 after struggling with an immune deficiency his entire life. In 1993 he received two new livers in a row. The message was posted on Twitter by his wife Kyle: Jamie died today. We are heartbroken. He lived a …

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Iconic: Jeff Bridges announced that he is being treated for lymphoma

Cult: Jeff Bridges announces treatment for lymphoma hvg.hu Would you like to be informed immediately about the most important news? I do not ask You’re welcome [{“available”:true,”c_guid”:”76c5b485-7d8f-49ca-a5ab-dacf176cf2a1″,”c_author”:”hvg.hu”,”category”:”itthon”,”description”:”A rendőrség közfeladatot ellátó személy elleni erőszak miatt nyomoz. “,”shortLead”:”A rendőrség közfeladatot ellátó személy elleni erőszak miatt nyomoz. “,”id”:”20201018_Buszmegalloban_estek_neki_szulok_egy_tanarnak_video”,”image”:”https://img0.hvg.hu/image.aspx?id=76c5b485-7d8f-49ca-a5ab-dacf176cf2a1&view=ffdb5e3a-e632-4abc-b367-3d9b3bb5573b”,”index”:0,”item”:”fb52e0b8-5a0c-4d21-b0b1-66b93082fc57″,”keywords”:null,”link”:”/itthon/20201018_Buszmegalloban_estek_neki_szulok_egy_tanarnak_video”,”timestamp”:”2020. október. 18. 19:39″,”title”:”Buszmegállóban estek neki szülők egy tanárnak (videó)”,”trackingCode”:”RELATED”,”c_isbrandchannel”:false,”c_isbrandcontent”:false,”c_isbrandstory”:false,”c_isbrandcontentorbrandstory”:false,”c_isbranded”:false,”c_ishvg360article”:false,”c_partnername”:null,”c_partnerlogo”:”00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000″,”c_partnertag”:null},{“available”:true,”c_guid”:”afc9d912-1d84-42b5-93b5-f5593cd82a9e”,”c_author”:”hvg.hu”,”category”:”tudomany”,”description”:”A töltő és fülhallgató nélkül érkező iPhone …

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Jeff Bridgest was diagnosed with lymphoma – 444

What you need to know every morning. The Oscar winner announced on Twitter, citing the character Dude, who played in Great Lebowski, that he was diagnosed with lymphoma, writes the BBC. Lymphoma is a type of cancer caused by the abnormal proliferation of a type of white blood cell called lymphocytes in the lymphatic system and in the haematopoietic organs. …

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Index – Culture – The mother of the late Paula and Paulina

A family tragedy struck one of the characters on Tv2’s show Dancing with the Star. Venezuelan model and actress Gabriela Spanic lost her mother shortly after the weekend show. This was reported by the broadcaster in a statement: Gabriela Spanic’s mother has been fighting cancer for some time. Before the actress traveled to Hungary, Ms. Norma received chemotherapy. The therapy …

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Natalia Oreiro has posted nude pictures of herself

Surprisingly intimate photos were posted by Wild Angel star Natalia Oreiro while nursing her baby completely naked on it. Many locked themselves forever in the heart of the protagonist of the soap opera Wild Angel, Natalia Oreiro, so to date the celebrity has many fans around the world. You recently created an Instagram account for yourselfto give you a glimpse …

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