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Index – Domestic – Opposition demands free tests, Viktor Orbán puts forward the 100 billion argument

At their joint press conference on Monday afternoon, representatives of opposition parties demanded the broadest possible free coronavirus tests.

László Varju, MP and Vice President of the DK, spoke about the fact that Viktor Orbán does not care about health care, education or the economy, otherwise it would be possible to protect these areas with extensive free virus tests. Apparently the Prime Minister has again spoken out against Hungarian interests, the Hungarian people, but if he does not understand the beautiful word now, I trust that sooner or later he will understand the common will of the opposition parties and the support of the people.

Ágnes Kunhalmi, MP and co-spokesman for the MSZP, stressed that although the government had carried out tests ordered by a family doctor in a hospital or on the basis of a free official decision, in practice this was often not the case, for example because the requested examination had not been ordered by a doctor. According to him, the previous test price of 30,000 forints was unaffordable for the vast majority of society, and then he advocated free tests after which people had already paid their fee several times, for example as a social security contribution or in the form of a tax.

Economists estimate that providing the tests for free would cost $ 35 billion to $ 40 billion, which is still cheaper than the cost of restarting bad sectors.

Márta Demeter, the deputy group leader of the LMP, described the free test as a civil right and cited as an example that testing a family of four ̵

1; so that experts can say certain results – costs 160,000 forints. Many people have an asymptomatic condition that can become infected even if there are no visible signs of the condition, so free testing is required.

Momentin MEP Katalin Cseh expressed her “maximum sadness” that “the government slept through the summer looking at the real problems” and is now ignoring the most pressing issues, including the widespread availability of free testing facilities. Creation. According to him, the current situation clearly shows a lack of political will to act, although this is not a partisan issue but a public health issue.

According to György Szilágyi, MP and deputy spokesman for Jobbik, the first wave of the epidemic has completely engulfed the reserves of a significant part of the population as the government has left them alone in defense without making up for their wage losses.

Instead of a national consultation, mouth masks should be sent to people for price reasons in order to draw attention to the importance of the most comprehensive tests possible.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake, vice chairman of the dialogue group, said he did not understand why the government regretted the money for free tests when Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in the spring that there was no upper limit for the defense budget. What does it take for those who need this expensive test? – asked the question, emphasizing that more tests could be more effective at preventing the virus from spreading.

The question of free tests also appeared on the first day of the autumn session in Parliament, where Viktor Orbán, at the suggestion of Olivio Kocsis-Cake, again put forward the hundred billion argument, that is, that in Budapest, under the leadership of Gergely Karácsony, more than one hundred billion forints free Funds are available. According to the Prime Minister, to take the example of London, Prague or Vienna, cities everywhere help tourism companies from their own budgets, with Budapest being the only exception. The fact that Budapest had so much money was also refuted by Gergely Karácsony, the mayor, at the suggestion of Viktor Orbán and the Hungarian Treasury.

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