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Index – Economy – László Parragh: Shameful but slow Romania is our biggest competitor

According to László Parragh, the salary increase of Audi workers is being hit, the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences must be closed, and there is consensus in Hungary on the need for Christian roots and white-skinned guest workers – including Azonnali.hu President of the Hungarian Industrial and Chamber of Commerce. The interview is very long and very detailed, in which we can get to know the thoughts of one of the most influential persons of Hungarian economic policy, from many aspects of education policy to the private MNB position of Parragh.

The interview begins with the strike at the Audi plant, which Parragh did not judge well. According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the strike was unsuccessful because Audi's suppliers will suffer from the 1

8 percent wage increase because the automaker wants to save the money it has to spend on its employees. For this reason, some suppliers may close. According to Parragh, only tenants should increase their productivity as productivity increases, and the government should reduce the contribution of companies that increase their wages. Parragh also spoke about

Hungary's downturn from the Visegárdi countries and "shameful but slow Romania" will be its biggest competitor. A very close business circle has the foundations of research. "It is no coincidence that the MTA is always tempted to do basic research, and it is not the purpose of the physical implementation of the research, but the discovery of a great cause that we present as a small country." Therefore Parragh agrees "comprehensively" with László Palkovics that these research institutes should be abolished, because "the smaller a country, the more likely it is not to disseminate many papers in basic research", so that the results of basic research of the large Countries are easier to buy. And what is valuable research can only be said by the market.

Immediate journalists also asked Parraghot about immigration and guest workers, who said that there are not many Ukrainian migrant workers in Hungary. The question of where to get the workforce answered: "In Hungary, there is a broad consensus that we are looking for a Christian-rooted and white-skinned labor supply, but why white Christians?

Our culture is different than my sixteen-year-old daughter me asks, where can I see the difference in a non-Christian boy in Nigeria, I say: "She does not let the door in." Because anyone from the Balkans can go to Germany, from Ukraine or from the West or Russia claim that women are not in the mood to admit women in advance, because some people think that this is a problem, they just said that they would allow them.

  • Complies fully with the overtime law, However, it does not consider it well prepared and well thought out: in Hungary, there is no greater concentration between politics and business than in the West, but he emphasized that he never staa received official orders. Lőrinc Mészáros is unaware of this, but he hears on the market that what he does for a job does so, he pays the tax and surrounds himself with professional professionals. It's no different than throwing your buddy to the heel with his car. therefore he can not instruct him not to assume the role of the MNB just because he has the same last name as he.
  • The Minister of Economic Affairs did not want that, because then he would have to write his fortune on behalf of another person.

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