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Index – Economy – The law is getting worse: you also know where you were

This year the change of the tourism law comes into effect, whereby the movement of persons can be exactly pursued, if they take up accommodation services, wrote balatontipp.hu.

According to a supplementary government decision, the hotels must be registered in the Rogán Antal no later than 31 December.

You must also install the Hospitality Management Software (SZSZ) so that you can provide your guests with the latest data from the first day of the month following registration.

If the accommodation provider does not provide the data, the NPO will initiate official control of the data subject by the notary concerned. The software can only transmit data that does not contain personal information. These data will be made available to notaries of local governments, HCSO and NAV staff in accordance with their respective areas of responsibility. , In the new system, the personal information already provided by the host by NeTAK

is automatically uploaded to a location where not only the host but also the police have direct access to the information.

If you're interested in data, you can request a data supply that the hotel owner must deliver digitally for free. In addition, the police have the ability to search individually, without informing the host or the people in the repository containing the data uploaded by the host. out. According to the law, the hotelier can only receive a guest as guest if he submits the necessary documents.

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