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Lidl has taken a brutal step – how will its competitors react?

Lidl has taken a brutal step – how will its competitors react?

The German discount chain will be launched on the UK market in September with a new application called Lidl Plus – writes daily.hu.

The chain’s mobile app, first launched in Ireland, offers users a variety of discount coupons each week that must be activated before use. From the price of the first purchase, £ 5 is released, which is almost two thousand forints, and at the time of payment, the digital card stored in the app can be scanned and the coupons redeemed with discounts.

After the purchase, those who download the application will also receive a lottery ticket and can also save the purchase invoice digitally.

The German discount chains Lidl and Aldi are presenting their British competitors such as Tesco with a major challenge, where they marked products with red bubbles in the spring that are certainly cheaper than their counterparts in Aldi.

atv.hu / napi.hu

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