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PL: Wolverhampton – Manchester City – NSO

Manchester City won 3-1 by visiting Wolverhampton in the final game of the 2nd round of the English Premier League.


De Bruyne takes off (center) towards Wolverhampton Gate (Photo: AFP)


-3 (0– –2)
Wolverhampton, Molineux Stadium, behind closed gates. Led by: Marriner
WOLVER HAMPTON: Rui Patrício – Boly, Coady, Szaisz – Traoré, Neves, Moutinho (Dendoncker, 77th), Marcal (Vinagre, 8th) – Podence, Jiménez, Neto (Fabio Silva, 78th). Head coach:: Nuno Espírito Santo
MAN. CITY: Ederson – Walker, Steine, Aké, Mendy – Fernandinho, Rodri – Foden, De Bruyne, Sterling (Ferran Torres, 82.) – Gabriel Jesus. Head coach: Josep Guardiola
Gólszerző: Jiménez (78th) and De Bruyne (20-11), Foden (32nd), Gabriel Jesus (90 + 5.)


Much to the delight of Manchester City fans, Pep Guardiola has finally started the 2020-2021 season. His first opponent was the extremely dangerous Wolverhampton Wanderers, who started the tournament with a win.

The meeting, which was held without a spectator, showed at the beginning that the Manchester people were very eager to fight, essentially rushing home and not letting them breathe.

The high pressure reached the target in the 20th minute, although it also required Szaisz to slip into the butane in the not-so-standing position within the sixteen. From Bruynének, who routinely fell. And not long after that, he brutally fired the lower left side of the sentenced sentence. 0-1

Even after the goal, the city was much more active, attacking the goal of the otherwise great defender Rui Patrício dangerously. Until he got Sterling into position after an excellent jump in the 32nd minute Fodent, who shot calmly at the goal. 0-2

Wanderer fans must have expected their favorites to launch major attacks, but to no avail. The rest of the first half went so far that City could have led by three points if De Bruyne’s shot hadn’t been bravely saved by the home goalkeeper.

The Wolves were in the second half, working out more options than before in fifteen minutes. Podence could have scored three times alone, but it was over-coded and missed inches from the shot.

After the home team was fired in about five major situations, the city regained control and took control of the game again. But it was impossible to feel the dynamism of the first half, so the home team didn’t embellish it in unexpected ways. In the 78th minute Podence De Bruyne first gave an apron and then gave it to the center where Jimenez From six meters he went great into the net. 1-2

Wolverhampton was incapable for the rest of the time and even scored another last minute goal that Gabriel Jesus scored by a bouncing ball. 1-3

So he started his first league game in Manchester City for the tenth time in a row and validated the paper form.

1. Leicester City 2 2 – – – – 7-2 +5 6
2. Everton 2 2 – – – – 6–2 +4 6
3. Arsenal 2 2 – – – – 5–1 +4 6
4. Liverpool 2 2 – – – – 6–3 +3 6
5. Crystal Palace 2 2 – – – – 4–1 +3 6
6. Tottenham 2 1 – – 1 5-3 +2 3
7. Manchester City 1 1 – – – – 3–1 +2 3
8. Brighton & Hove Albion 2 1 – – 1 4-3 +1 3
9. Aston Villa 1 1 – – – – 1–0 +1 3
10. Leeds United 2 1 – – 1 7-7 0 3
11. Wolverhampton 2 1 – – 1 3–3 0 3
11. Chelsea 2 1 – – 1 3–3 0 3
13. Newcastle 2 1 – – 1 2-3 -1 3
14. Burnley 1 – – – – 1 2-4 -2 0
15. Manchester United 1 – – – – 1 1-3 -2 0
16. West Ham 2 – – – – 2 1-4 -3 0
17. Sheffield United 2 – – – – 2 0-3 -3 0
18. Fulham 2 – – – – 2 3-7 -4 0
19. Southampton 2 – – – – 2 2-6 -4 0
20. West Brom 2 – – – – 2 2-8 –6 0



90 + 5. minutes: FROM! You even have a city to the end. House defense is bad after a throw-in Gabriel Jesus scored a ball, broke into the field, shot from the right corner of the five, the ball bounced off Coady’s leg, making it into the home team’s goal. 1-3
86 min: Rodri received a yellow card to withdraw.
82 min: Replaced by the city sterling instead Ferran Torres on the field.
78th minute: GOOD! BUILT IN WOLVERHAMPTON. Podence walked away with an apron which he handed to De Bruyne and then bent to the center where Jimenez He went six meters to the left of the gate. 1-2
77 min: Two exchanges came to Wolverhampton grandson instead Fabio Silva, Moutinho instead Dendoncker on the field.
74 min: net He raped a shooting range between two men 17 meters from the city gate, but a defensive leg intervened.
68 minutes: In the final minutes, the city took the initiative again, but did not reach the target position.
60 min: Do this now Jimenez Shot next to him. Traore His passport was diverted 6 meters to the right of the Mexican. It was a big situation because the defenders were just watching the events.
60th minute: This was also ruined by the home team! Podence started in the middle, the ball came, soon he was at the line of sixteen and tried to raise, the ball barely went over it.
56th Minute: This was combined by the wolves. Neves went to the right, exhausted very quickly to five, played in the middle, Podence He didn’t shoot from 10 yards, he preferred to cross the ball and it was a mistake because grandson weak throw was saved by defenders ..
54th Minute: The first big home opportunity! Traore he cheated right and then simply administered Podence in front of him who sent a great shot to the top right. If he goes to the goal he must have scored, so only the side net rattled.
53 min: Gabriel Jesus started great in the middle, the handover came From Bruynétől, then the sensational trick from Brazil, then the shot, but the ball was in the middle, Rui Patrício protected.
50 min: Traore went right, its transmission to the center was weak, Ederson he must have been happy, he finally got to the ball.
46th Minute: The second half has started.

After shooting at Foden (center, white), the home team only hoped to miss, but went in (Photo: AFP)


45 + 2 minutes: City is much better at the end of the first half and also leads with two goals. 0-2
43rd minute: YOU GOOD HEAVEN! De Bruyne
got off to a great start then aimed near the corner of five with the goal of pulling out Rui Patrício shoulder protection.
41 min: The city of Wolverhampton is known, among other things, for service at England’s first traffic light in 1927.
39 min: Foden After a trick, he wanted to roll up from left to right, but he made the thing bigger.
36. Perc: Moutinho took a free kick from the right side of the box, but the defenders saved him head-on.
35 min: Another side this time Mendy who came across Traore.
35 min: Sais has one on his knee Gabriel Jesustól, which became richer by a yellow.
34 min: They looked at it, but they didn’t see it because – even if it was a hair’s breadth – it wasn’t, so fans of the “blues” can be happy.
32nd minute: GOOD! THE CITY LEADS TWO! Or not? He was suspicious. Speaking of sterling received a nice ball From Bruynétól, played in the middle Fodenhez, who shot into the net from 12 meters. 0-2
30 min: Sterling
his shot lasted from 5 meters, from a sharp angle to the top right, Rui Patrício however, it is protected.
28 min: De Bruyne right corner Boly Developed from the danger zone.
22 min: Walker His right pass could not be kicked by the defenders, but a landing eventually saved the home team.
20th minute: VON GOOO! RUN THE MANCHESTER CITY! The punishment De Bruyne finished and fired superbly in the lower left. Rui Patrício sensed the direction, but couldn’t get it. 0-1
19th minute: City was punished! Szaisz
bad slip De Bruyne fallen sly, legitimate punishment. If he wanted he could have stopped. But why should he want ?!
14.Minute: Fernandinho rolled the ball well into the penalty area, Sterling he multiplied it too, but put the ball down in vain Gabriel Jesusnak, the Brazilian didn’t reach.
11 min: He wasn’t strong De Bruyne his free kick, but it slammed down very uncomfortably, Rui Patrício hit the ball.
10 min: Gabriel Jesus fell snow 23 meters from the house gate. The angle is good.
8 min: Already replaced by Wolverhampton. Marcal instead vinegar on the field.
3 minutes: Well, it didn’t take long for it to become clear that no irregularities had occurred.
2nd minute: Coady slipped into it Sterlingnek Within the Sixteen, the fallen Manchester are investigating the matter.
1 minute: Before the start, the players fell on their knees to support the Black Lives Matter initiative.

1st minute: The game has started, the home team is in orange-black, the guests play in white-blue.

They played on Saturday
Everton – West Bromwich Albion 5-2
(Calvert-Lewin 31., 62., 66., James Rodríguez 45., M.
Keane 54th, sick. Diangana 10., Pereira 47.)
Leeds United – Fulham 4-3 (H. Costa 5, 57, Klich 41-11, Bamford 50 and Mitrovics 34).
– from 11, 67, Reed 63)
Manchester United – Crystal Palace 1-3 (Van de Beek 81., Fig.Townsend 7., Zaha 74., 85.-az
first of 11)
Arsenal-West Ham United 2-1 (Lacazette 25., Nketiah 86., Fig. Antonio 45.)
They played on Sunday
Southampton – Tottenham Hotspur 2-5
(Ings 32nd, 90th, Fig.Szon Hung Min 45 + 2nd, 47th, 65th, 73rd, Kane 81.)
Newcastle United – Brighton & Hove Albion 0-3 (Maupay 4th, 7th – first of 11, Connolly 83.)
Chelsea – Liverpool 0-2 (Mané 50th, 54th)

Leicester – Burnley 4-2 (H. Barnes 20, Pieters 50 – own goal, Justin 62, Praet 79 and Ch. Wood 10, J. Dunne 73)


It was recently revealed that Manchester City player Ilkay Gündogan became coronavirus. The club doesn’t mention whether the 29-year-old midfielder has symptoms. Ilkay Gündogan will be quarantined for ten days according to the rules of the British government.

That means the German international certainly won’t be able to play for the Manchester City Championship against Wolverhampton on Monday night, but he will also miss the League Cup game against Bournemouth as well as PL rivals against Leicester.

The contract will tie Josep Guardiola to Manchester City until 2021, he recently spoke about the extension.

“I want to stay here longer” – said the 49-year-old head coach on Monday (tonight) in front of City (Wolverhampton), which will be the season opener for his team as his first-round game was postponed due to a long-term appearance in the European Cup.

“I deserve a contract extension. We’ll see if that works this season given the progress and development of the team. ” Guardiola stated. However, he noted that his future does not depend on the band winning trophies this season. He mentioned that since arriving at the club, management has not enforced anything, they have allowed their staff to perform at their best with them on the guard, and this is still the case.

“They didn’t tell me when to win, just how to play. At the same time, I know the club’s traditions, I want to win and earn the new contract.” Guardiola stressed.

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