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The purchase price for new iPhones will continue to rise

Rising material costs and 5G reports that the iPhone 12 series will reportedly be more expensive than the iPhone 11 series. Even without a charger.

So far there have been rumors everywhere that the iPhone 12 series will keep the iPhone 11 series pricing, which means the new models will ship in unchanged quantities and maybe even the base iPhone 12 will be $ 50 cheaper than the cheapest iPhone 11.

It was hard to believe that this was new, especially at a time when Android makers were also catching up with the mid-range $ 800 and premium phones from $ 1000 to $ 1400.

Source: the edge

Recent reports already point to an increase in the purchase price for the iPhone 12 phones, although the EarPods headphones and charger are also not included. This means they have to be bought separately even if someone is no longer home. So far, people on the forums have been hoping that this will bring prices down.

On the flip side, prices are set to rise, as putting together an iPhone 12 costs $ 50 more than an iPhone 11, according to tips due to 5G components and a new OLED display. The starting price for the base iPhone 12 could be $ 749, which could be over $ 800 in Europe due to taxes.

Apple would raise prices here or there and sell 80 million of the new iPhones this year alone, but its partners shouldn’t be able to produce enough of the devices.

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