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Trump’s government would withdraw support from New York

The US Department of Justice is considering withdrawing federal funds from some cities, according to a statement William Barr Justice Minister released on Monday.

The department previously described three major cities – New York, Seattle, Washington State, and Portland, Oregon – as cities where the city government “allows anarchy and the destruction of private property and refuses to take reasonable steps to prevent crime . . Barr blamed the democratic leaders of these cities for a surge in certain crimes.

The department said the firearms crime rate in New York rose 177 percent in July from a similar period last year. In Portland, the number of such crimes has increased by more than 1

40 percent.

Bill De BlasioThe Mayor of New York viewed Barr’s announcement as a threat. “It’s a purely political game Trump card is part of the president’s campaign strategy, ”the mayor said, saying it was unconstitutional to withdraw support from cities.

The 46-year-old is an African American living in major US cities George Floyd Mass movements against police violence have been intertwined since his death in a police operation in May. Some of these have led to looting and violence, but the perpetrators are not always brought to justice. The Justice Department last week urged federal prosecutors to consider prosecuting protesters who set the buildings on fire and committed violence.

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