The hurricane may have fallen into category 3, but it is flooded, and parts of Hawaii still have strong winds.

HONOLULU, Hawaii – Hurricane Lane weakened on a Category 3 hurricane on Thursday, passing by the Hawaiian Islands. Nevertheless, flooding, high winds and landslides remained a big problem.

After dropping two feet of rain on the Big Island, the biggest threat of rain and wind has shifted to Friday on the islands of Maui and Oahu Weather Service said winds with winds as high as 120 mph a possibility.

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The hurricane began on the west of the great island of Hawaii at the Thursday and, by 5pm local time, the NWS had downgraded the danger level for the area to a tropical storm warning.

Five people on vacation from Los Angeles were rescued Thursday from a flooded house in Hilo on the east side of the island of Hawaii. Two campers caught overnight in the Waipio Valley had to be rescued by helicopter.

Early Friday, the storm was still about 215 miles from the island of Oahu, and the State Capitol Honolulu and Oahu and Maui were still under a hurricane warning.

Lane's center is expected to move over or near the island on Friday.

& # 39; A new experience & # 39; [41959019] At 4 pm On Thursday, officials activated the emergency siren systems on Oahu to provide an additional hurricane warning.

The eerie howl of the sirens exploded on a slightly windy but still warm and inviting afternoon by Honolulu. The streets near Waikiki Beach were full of tourists taking pictures of the high waves and the Weather Channel team was setting up on the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaii Village.

Most accepted the extreme weather event.

"It's a new experience, I never expected to survive a hurricane," said Kelly Scholten of Waupun, Wisconsin. She and her daughters had run from the hotel to take pictures of the ever-increasing waves clattering into the dike and listening to Waikiki Beach.

"Our hotel, the Ilikai, was really good, we reserved three more nights in case our plane can not get out on Saturday, but they said that if we could get off earlier, they would not burden us. And she "We really kept up with the storm. We even found news about it under our door, "said Scholten.

Hurricane Honeymoon

A couple from Australia who had planned their dream wedding in Hawaii had a slightly different marriage than planned – though they seemed intrepid on Thursday night, when they went to the beach to shoot photos wedding

"We definitely did not expect that. It was a bit of a touch-and-go, "said Jayde Dixon, 25.

"Our ceremony was due at 5 pm in a chapel in the city take place. But last night they called us and said they would move the whole thing to 3 for sure. And take it to the Hilton, where we stay.

The couple from Townsville, Australia, had 15 friends and family with them.

"Not sure when they get home. They should fly tomorrow, but now they stay "because their flights were canceled, said Jamie Dixon, 28.

The newlyweds stay in Hawaii for their honeymoon and were looking forward to it.

" As long as the wedding in Hawaii happened "The rest does not matter," said Jamie.


The National Weather Service says Hurricane Lane in Hawaii has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm Officials warn against being cautious (23 August)

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