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I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and AT & T shrugged

Every time a new – and supposedly important – phone appears, I'm excited.

I want to go to a store, touch it and play with it.

First of all, I want to hear how sellers sell it.

I like being sold by a human. And when it comes to phones, over the years I've heard so many fascinating methods, stories and even approvals.

For example, when introducing the iPhone X, a T-Mobile store told me it was not worth it.

So what happened when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 appeared on Friday?

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I quickly went straight to an AT & T store ̵

1; I'm a customer – to experience the excitement and, I imagined, fine to hear chatter

The first surprise

The store was strangely empty.

However, I was greeted enthusiastically by a charming shop assistant.

Natural enthusiasm, that is. No enthusiasm for the grade 9.

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"So, what's the difference between this and the grade 8?" I asked.

"Not much, just the camera," she replied with a shrug. It's all about the depth in the picture, and this phone has the best camera of all. "

" That really interests people? "

" You would be surprised. They really care about it. The problem is that if you have a Samsung phone and you send your picture to an iPhone, it does not look that good. "

Wait, people worry about what their pixels will look like when they send photos to friends?

It seems like so.

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"I have an iPhone," the saleswoman continued, "All my friends have iPhones, and none of us would change because of what it would do to our pictures."

She was disarmingly open, and that was a much better experience than my last in an AT & T business, launching the Galaxy S9.

Nevertheless, I expected more enthusiasm over the Note 9. Finally, when iPhone X came out, an AT & T seller told me I should buy a grade 8.

The Second Surprise

"The only other thing about Note 9 is the S Pen," the saleswoman continued with another shrug, and people steal her away. "

She brought out the S Pen, we tried e in Selfie when I used the S Pen to activate the camera.

She also showed it to me How can you hold the S Pen over words on the screen of the phone to get translations instantly – of course Polish.

Still, she could not pretend that this was some kind of magical device.

She suggested that I wait for the new iPhones. These will apparently come out in September.

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"We do not know what day, but the company has already prevented us from vacationing If you've booked something, you can go, but if you do not, you'll have to be ready to work every day, "she said.

The Third Surprise

Another Seller

He clearly heard our conversation and wanted to talk.

Why? He had a grade 8 and loved it. Now I would sell really hard.

"What do you think about this grade 9?" I asked

"It's okay," he said.

What? That's the best you can do

"Will you get one?" I asked

"Not for that kind of money."

The 9-mark may cost $ 1,250, but this self-confessed Samsung lover has not been sold. He reluctantly accepted that this was the best grade. He could not find anything exciting.

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Frankly, Samsung did not even when it first presented it.

What followed next was a debate between the seller and the seller about the merits of competing ecosystems.

Both agreed that the other's phone was "too complicated".

For the iPhone-loving saleswoman, "Samsung has all these extra apps and things, it's just too much, and I do not want too much stuff."

For the Samsung-loving seller: "iPhones are too complicated because they are too simple."

We both looked at him and wondered what he was talking about.

He explained, "It's like that, I look at it, and I do not even know how to go back when I'm done with something?"

Uh, OK.

Both agreed, however, that Samsung had a little bit of a fight.

"Samsung sent us T-shirts for the S9 launch," said the saleswoman. "We stood in them and nobody came."

The seller tried to save the brand's face: "For iPhones, it's just marketing – Apple is better at marketing."

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Is this really true? Samsung has had some excellent campaigns in its time. For the most part, Apple's were pretty prosaic.

Somehow there is more excitement about iPhones because Apple still manages to make the products appear differently. Or at least enough – especially lately.

There's a sense of humor in how many Android phones copy the iPhone X's score. There's the same sense of humor in the way Samsung thinks it has little to market, except that Apple store employees are idiots.

I could have talked to these two sellers for a while. They were totally charming. However, I had other things to do.

"Maybe we'll meet in September," I said.

"We will be here," said the saleswoman. "We did not book the holiday early enough."

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