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I can not get over how under-designed Cadillac back ends are

Modern Cadillacs today have some of the most aggressive and grand frontends in any car. They are angular and sharp and mean and wonderful. And then you come to the back of the car and it's as if all the designers just … stopped work a little earlier.

To be fair, the rear wheel that interests me the least is the one on the new CT6 V-Sport. This has actual angles that fit together elegantly. It feels natural and not very rude in the eyes.

The taillights appear on the trunk and I think the silver line under the badge connects everything well together. The Cadillac design is very large, so it is important to break them with kinks or lines, otherwise it looks very blocky.

But I always had a problem with the rear ends of all other Cadillac models. And it's always the same problem: under-design. The entire design on the backs of these cars amounts to four lines and a few rectangles.

It's completely different as the front of the cars looks. At the front you have interesting shapes, cool lighting designs and hexagonal grids. The backs are just so simple, boring and uninspired.

Here is an Escalade. It is a square.

Here is an XT5. It is not much better.

And do not even start on the back of the new XT4. He tries at least, but tries to be no Volvo.

This is true even for the V models. They have these cool Batman-style lip spoilers – and the rest of the trunk and the rear bumper do not keep this attitude.

Quad tailpipes will not save you there. Sorry

How is it possible that a brand new CTS-V still looks like something from the 2000s? I understand that there is something to be said about how simple designs are the most classic, but some how they do not.

Hopefully we see some design elements from the new CT6 V-Sport that invade the rest of the fleet. But for now, I could only park all my future Cadillacs cock-in.

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