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I did not know why God put a 2005 Toyota Camry Manual on this earth, but I know I need it

Amazingly, the Toyota Camry was offered by the end of 2011 in America with a manual.

The car you are looking at was not the last manual Camry got here. By far not. It's an example from 2005 that my colleague Mike Ballaban showed me today (oddly enough without his usual message SELL AND BUY NOW), which was still years before the death of the three-pedal Camry. The seller demands $ 3,500 in height.

However, this was the first generation of Camry that Americans could get the manual only with four-cylinders, unfortunately, but it's still a remarkably modern, manual, mid-size family car.

She This thing measures 160hp with five gears, though Camrys would later stand on 179 with six gears. The weight for these cars was just over 3,100 pounds. That was almost what it brought from the 1990s to the 2000s. Toyota has not changed the Camry much since the 1992 Lexus Iification.

I usually spent my time at the bottom of this blog saying how much I miss funny camrys from the past, but the new one is bizarre entertaining in top gear and Toyota gives us a TRD trim because Crossovers are now normal and limos have to be weird.

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Still, that does not stop me from wishing that Toyota still sold the Camry with a manual. And a non-electronic handbrake. And four-wheel drive with a limited slip differential, as you had previously at All-Tracs. But that's off the thing.

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