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I do not want to see anyone who is in so much pain – Faf du Plessis


  du Plessis looked exhausted when he talked to the media and admitted to so much [...] you Plessis looked exhausted he talked to the media and admitted to himself feeling so © Getty </p>
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For South Africa's captain Faf du Plessis, Thursday should have been a day full of energy, enthusiasm and anticipation before South Africa completed its final training on the Wanderers for the fourth Test with the opportunity to add a bit of history but that was not an ordinary series, even by the standards of South Africa and Australia.

Instead, you saw Plessis exhausted as he spoke to the media, and admitted to feeling that way, a press conference that should have been, whether South Africa Englisch: www.germnews.com/archive/eng/1995/. 02 / 16.html Keeping the high standards and giving Morne Morkel a fitting date has become the latest issue in Johannesburg, which journalists have been operating in the north since the expulsion of the Circle on Tuesday. In 22 minutes you answered Plessis exactly two questions about the actual cricket.

An air of sadness hung over the room. There are 11,000 km between Johannesburg and Sydney, but everyone – including you Plessis – had seen Steve Smith's tearful mea culpa on his return to Australia and his empathy had exceeded physical distance.

"I sent him a text deep in my heart I feel for the guy," you said Plessis. "You do not want guys to go through that and it's going to be incredibly hard for him in the next few days, I just sent him a message of support saying he'll get through it, he just has to be strong." We appreciate the message. There is much respect between us. He is a good leader for Australia. "

Du Plessis admitted that it was difficult for him to judge whether the sanctions were imposed on Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. The intention to use sandpaper to repair the condition of the Changing the ball was fair, considering what it means to Australians. "They see it as a time for a line in the sand," Plessis said, but he suggested that the 12-month bans on Smith and Warner and the nine-month ban for Bancroft "are tough if you go back in history where certain players were in similar situations"

Mostly The comments of the South African captain agreed with those of Hashim Amla on Wednesday when the batsman said that he "would not wish any man in the world any difficulty", whereby you preferred Plessis to look at the human side of the equation. [19659004] "You do not want to see a cricket spit or someone is going through this pain, "he said of Smith. "I feel what he is going through as captain, I know that as a leader he would have tried to bring his identity into the Australian team, and maybe this opportunity has now been taken away, that's not nice The captain of your country is a big one Glory and you can see the disappointment, I'm really sorry for him. "

Not surprisingly, you were asked Plessis if his compassion extended to Warner, who once took on the role of the villain as the plot raiser revealed has been. Du Plessis noticed that he did not know Warner as well as Smith – because the captains' duties made a larger connection with Smith possible – but said it was an opportunity for Warner to think.

"This series was fiery and a lot of the time he was in the middle of it," said Plessis, "I did not really hear (what Warner said in his statement). It would be interesting to see his thoughts. But I think it will be a good opportunity for him to think about it and see if he can change the way he played. I do not think that's the only way to win cricket games. It is a reminder that there is not only one way. New Zealand does not believe it. We in the team do not believe in it. So maybe it's time to think it over. "

On the subject of player behavior, you Plessis welcomed the International Criminal Court's decision to review the Code of Conduct and its various sanctions, saying it was" overdue. "The South African captain has been in Australia since his Mintgate experience in 2016 called for a rethinking of the Code of Conduct, and he has spoken out in a series in which no less than seven players have received sanctions from the ICC.

For du Plessis, one main purpose of any review should be to pay attention to the To direct the game itself. "All this nonsense reminds us that he is paying too much attention to the game. I would like to sit here today and talk about Morne Morkel's last test match. As a team, we're about to make history, and we spend so much time talking about other things. This series was so boring. We as a team also feel the blowout. We really feel drained because so much is happening that I can not Imagine what it feels like in her dressing room.

An hour later, a quick glimpse of it came in. Instead of Tim Paine sitting down in the Plessis chair to talk about the game and the pride of Australia's 46th Test Captain, it became a tearful one Darren Lehmann occupies as he read a resignation statement Cricket will eventually take back the headlines, but the wait continues.

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