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I never thought to leave Angels

ANAHEIM, California. – Mike Trout smiled in the perfect postcard light of Orange County and said exactly what every fan of Los Angeles Angels had hoped to hear for years.

"I know there has been a lot of talk back east, but I enjoy being here every minute," Trout said Sunday. I think the direction of the franchise, if it were the other way around, I would have had to think, but I never thought, I would be an angel for life. " , for sure.

The crowd around the main entrance of Angel Stadium broke into raucous cheers, and Trouts scored dozens of teammates and coaches in the audience under the podium.

The contract with $ 426.5 million is the two-time AL MVP an extraordinary reward for a unique, indigenous talent that never wanted to go, and after the spring training with its cornerstone, the Angels had paused last weekend before the regular season to celebrate Trout staying home.

"Me would like to bring a championship back to Anaheim. Let's go, baby! "Trout said.

Last week, Trout received the largest order in North American sports history, securing his future with the Angels instead of waiting for offers from Phillies, Yankees or any other possible friend when he became a freelance agency in two years The native of southern New Jersey has been associated with Philadelphia for years, but Trout has dedicated himself to the organization that designed him in 2009 and promoted his development as a superstar.

"I want to bring a championship back to Anaheim. Let's go baby's! "Trout said Sunday. Jayne Kamin-Oncea / Getty Images

" He was born an angel, and he was raised as an angel, and he represents that organization better than anyone else, "said Angels general director Billy Eppler "He'll be the first player to go to the Hall of Fame for the Angels."

Trout is a seven-time All-Star who voted six times among the first two of the AL MVP Numbers of AL Rookie of the Year 2012 include a career of 900 OPS, 240 homers and 64.9 victories over replacement since he reached the majors in 2011.

Eppler said the parameters of Trout's long-term development since joining the job in late 2015 The Angels have been talking about closing a deal since 2017, and their talks with agent Craig Landis were picked up last month, when everyone had decided that a quick agreement could be wiped out two years ago e of uncertainty.

Trout and the angels did it with remarkably little drama. The deal does not include opt-out clauses that allow Trout to renegotiate because neither party wanted the options.

"It's a historic treaty," Eppler said. "But as far as historical contracts are concerned, that was pretty smooth, Mike wants it to be his last contract, so we checked that box from the start."

Eppler was flying 100 miles outside of Phoenix on a flight back to spring training last week when Landis told him that Trout would accept the Angels deal and said he wanted to be "an angel for life". Unlike last winter when he received the news that Shohei Ohtani had chosen the angels, this time Eppler did not fall off his chair.

"I was wearing a seatbelt," he said.

Angels owner Arte Moreno had a one-hour, cordial conversation with Trout at the beginning of the negotiations. Moreno showed some confidence that Trout was ready to make his future with the franchise, although the Angels have not won a playoff game during Trout's career.

The Angels secured despite three consecutive defeats in a row, the involvement of Trout. Coach Brad Ausmus has taken over Mike Scioscia, but the Angels added only a handful of low-priced free agent additions to their squads.

But Moreno believes Trout's involvement will help the Angels find teammates to support him in their World Series quest. With Moreno's willingness to have a big budget, and Eppler's thorough revitalization of the farm system after years of neglect under the former Front Office, the Angels are probably in their best position for years to achieve Trout's dream of October success.

"He said we wanted to be here, and we really wanted to do that," said Moreno. "He's everything you want as a leader and player in your organization."

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