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I think I know exactly where James Cameron is going with Terminator: Dark Fate Trilogy

  Terminator: Heroes of the Dark Destiny fight at the Embankment

Warning: SPOILER for Terminator: Dark Destiny are in play. If you want to keep your viewing experience up-to-date, bookmark this list and come back as soon as you're up-to-date.

Whenever a new Terminator movie is on the horizon, the word "trilogy" is used finds its way into conversation. James Cameron's original sci-fi duo was so iconic that you can not blame the studios for not only keeping the magic alive, but also being successful where Master himself did it by doing a hat-trick have executed. Regardless of whether the final result has a successful opening or a doubtful outcome, such as the debut weekend of Terminator: Dark Fate .

Of course even James Cameron emerges susceptible to such stimuli as he is currently trying to unleash a new trilogy that begins with the events of Terminator: Dark Fate . With the intention of starting this new story with the events of his return to the room of the franchise author, there are two more films that he wants to take a closer look at. Threat legion and their war against humanity. As shaky as the opening of this last film may have been, there is definitely room for future stories when the go-ahead is given. Terminator: Dark Fate since the beats seem to have been sewn not only in the story itself, but also in the notes Cameron himself made. Before you go too far, this is the last call for spoilers in the film by director Tim Miller. If you're looking for a refresher or are curious about how the movie ended without looking at the entire product, you've come to the right place. So, if you're still with us, let's take a look at where James Cameron is likely to go with the trilogy Terminator: Dark Fate should he have the opportunity to deliver it.

  Terminator: Dark Destiny Rev-9 Separated From Its Skeleton

What James Cameron Has About the Trilogy of Dark Destiny

During a recent interview, James Cameron stated that there is a clear path to where he is going with the Trilogy wants to go, beginning with Terminator: Dark Destiny . The producer and co-author of the film said he wanted to use this trilogy to explore the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. That seems pretty normal, considering how the Terminator series has been used for decades on Skynet's attempted genocide.

However, in the following remark from the same roundtable discussion, James Cameron has a pretty big hint of what he wants to do:

What we wanted in the first film was the idea that it just kept going. The names will change, but the basic conflict will continue until it is solved in one way or another.

In Terminator: Dark Fate things were pretty vague, considering that we only have snippets of this future world where Legion is trying to wipe out humanity ingenuously. And just as the man himself said, we will probably see some themes and characters return in the next two films.

  Terminator: Dark Fate Sarah Connor looks grim

Sarah Connor will definitely die

First and foremost, there's a pretty good chance that Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor will die. Whether it's seen on screen as a bold change of franchise pace or off-screen, as we have traditionally seen, there is no way leading the queen of the Terminator franchise past point during the hypothetical Continuation from Terminator: Dark Fate .

It's not surprising, as everyone thought, Sarah would not have made it through this latest Terminator movie. Similar to Carl the T-800 and even John Connor, the symbols of the past must die for the new story focusing on Natalia Reyes & # 39; Dani Ramos to come to the fore. Along with Hamilton's reluctance, you have the first obvious tent pole in this theory.

  Terminator: Dark Destiny Dani stands on the roadside

Humanity will more than likely make peace with the Legion

We have not learned much about Skynet's AI replacement, the Legion-known Cyberwar program, but we have enough information to know that it's out there and it's coming. As it turns out, there is a lot of information that the audience is not yet familiar with regarding this apocalyptic future, as director Tim Miller and his compatriots of Terminator: Dark Fate had planned a lot behind the scenes when it came to legions Background story went.

As a relationship of humanity to AI, one of the key themes that James Cameron wants to bring home with the potential trilogy of Terminator: Dark Fate is that a recurring conflict between the two parties could have only two solutions. Either both sides perish or they merge harmoniously. If you know Cameron's sensitivity to telling stories (and the alternate end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day ), you can see that peace between our worlds is probably the greatest likely scenario.

  Terminator: Dark Fate Grace Armed During The Future War

Grace Will Be The Key To The Myth Of The Dark Fate Trilogy

By the end of Terminator: Dark Fate we see Grace Mackenzie Davis Enlarged future human protector dies and sacrifices himself to provide the energy core needed to destroy Gabriel Luna's Rev-9 Terminator. Towards the end of the film, we see Dani Ramos and Sarah Connor watching over Grace's young, contemporary self, ready to prevent Judgment Day.

You might assume that Grace's future self does not include the rest of the world in the trilogy, as characters of their kind usually do not return. But with James Cameron's thought that the trilogy Terminator: Dark Fate will focus on the war between man and machine in a cyclical loop, one can assume that Grace will return for two important reasons. First, Dani's end of Dark Fate did not promise Grace to die the same way, and second, Grace's cybernetic expansion served as a symbol of human-machine collaboration. So, if we want peace, we may have seen who will take the first step towards this safe and solid endgame. Terminator: Dark Destiny Carl and Sarah Connor in a Cockpit Terminator Dark Fate Trilogy Will Come To An End

How is this supposed to end? Well, we find out that Dani and Sarah are being visited again by the future warrior Grace. As it turned out, they did not completely override the Doomsday because they did not address the Legion's problem in their time. This is the source of all this madness, and to stop the Last Day, part of the problem is to prevent the Legion from pulling the plug on humanity.

However, before we get too far in history (and in Dani's training), a The new Rogue Terminator kills Sarah Connor on duty. Before she dies, she mentions her friend Major Dean (Fraser James), the Air Force officer that the team met in Terminator: Dark Fate and sends Dani and Grace to find him, which in turn shows that he is currently working A pretty little intelligence project: Legion.

Dani and Grace try to destroy the program, but not until they learn that Dean has been replaced by a new infiltrator-style terminator that monitors the successful deployment of Legion. Cue the usual chases and giant explosions that leave one important point: The Legion only lets humanity destroy itself, as we learned in Terminator: Dark Fate. Finally, a final showdown takes place Grace learns on the brink of the Apocalypse that the aggression of humanity and the attempt to control the Legion are the reasons for their decision to pull the plug in the world. Sarah Connor's methods of warfare have always been wrong, and instead of fighting the advent of A.I., we should have learned to coexist with it. The extinction of humanity and the rise of the machines are averted and the utopia is reached.

These are obviously all speculations, as we do not really know where James Cameron or Tim Miller want to go. The Potential Action of Dark Fate . At this point, it does not even look like the chances of continuing this story from the beginning are particularly high. However, if we know what we know and put the pieces together rationally on the board, this seems to be the most realistic result for the series Terminator .

We'll see if this is the case Random, assuming Terminator: Dark Fate somehow improves his cash register as it continues its movie window this week.

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