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"I will not allow" that Zion can make me tall

Duke star Zion Williamson will have his job done for him if he tries to reconsider UCF's Tacko case in the second round of the NCAA tournament because the 7ft-6 center does not make it easy for him

"It's very difficult [to dunk on me]," overthrow told NCAA.com on Friday night. "I mean, I will not let it happen, I will not let it happen, I will not let him take me to one of his highlight bands."

Fall and Williamson, 6 feet 7 tall, are on Sunday after their teams from the first round of the tournament arrived on Friday, they can face each other on Sunday – or at least at least directly. Top seed Duke defeated North Dakota State 85-62, and UCF number 9, the 9-state VCU 73-58, dropped out.

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As the biggest player in college basketball, case is unique. However, he said Williamson, the planned frontrunner in this year's NBA draft, is a unique talent.

"He's somebody, pretty much, we've never seen weight and height, he's immense and he's so fast," Fall said. "But the coaches will have a great schedule, especially Coach Dawkins, I feel like he was playing for Duke, so he needs to help us a lot."

Dawkins played for Duke manager Mike Krzyzewski from 1982 to 1986, returning to Coach K's staff for more than ten years after his NBA career, before taking on his first head coaching job at Stanford in 2008.

But despite his close ties to the program, Dawkins said after UCF's victory that he could not see much of the Blue Devils this season.

Tacko Fall, the 7-foot-6 center of UCF, had won 13 points and 18 rebounds on Friday night against VCU in the first round of the Golden Knights. Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

"If you do what we've done in the last six months, we do not have much time to see anyone other than your opponents," said Dawkins. "I've seen them play songs, three minutes here, four minutes there, throughout the season, when you take a break from your Boy Scouts, I have not seen much of it, I'm looking forward to seeing them like this evening and night tomorrow, when we prepare.

"But I know coaches. He is amazing and I know the young men I've heard so much about, like Zion Williamson RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish. These guys are great, great players along with the Point Guard [Tre] Jones and the rest of their players. I know that they are really talented, and that will be a good challenge.

Dawkins also said that he would have liked to avoid Duke in the tournament, and not just because the Blue Devils want to cut the nets off after the Final Four.

"I was like – we'd rather not play together," Dawkins said of Krzyzewski. "We're friends, I've played for him, I've worked for him for over a decade, you're not looking forward to it, we know it in such an environment – and we're all competitors – we do what we have to do, but we do would not choose it – let's play together – it would not happen under any circumstances other than a tournament, it's what it is, you have to prepare for the competition, you will do the same and both teams will prepare for it. "

As for the case, who had 13 points and 18 rebounds against VCU, Dawkins said his big man is just beginning to become a force on the court.

"We challenged Tacko throughout the season because he really imposed his will on the game," Dawkins said. "I think you've probably seen a turnaround in the last six weeks and he started to see what he could do out there on the floor, so I'm looking forward to seeing him getting 18 rebounds in an NCAA tournament game Double-double, that has a big impact on a game, and he is capable of doing so, I'm just happy for him, I'm glad he realizes what impact he can have on both sides of the floor. "[19659018]
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