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IBM patented a smartwatch that turns into a phone and a tablet

The patent shows a rectangular shaped smartwatch that has a thicker housing than usual under the display. This is because the case contains a compartment with seven additional panels. Users could expand the display on the clock from one field to two fields, four fields, or eight fields. Each panel measures 3 inches by 2 inches; When the device is fully extended, a 12 "x 8" tablet-sized screen will be created.

When four panels are opened, the device switches from smartwatch mode to smartphone mode, with the user interface being changed accordingly. Icons are larger and larger images can be displayed. In this mode, the remaining four fields remain stacked and saved. When the last four fields are unfolded and all eight are used, the device enters tablet mode and requires both hands to operate. The seams on the displays should be minimal. The device has at least one speaker and can be operated with an optional mouse and a physical keyboard.

  Images from the IBM Patent

Images from the IBM Patent

IBM has been running out of the consumer electronics business for some time, so it is most likely interested in licensing the patent as soon as the technology is available for the mass production of such a product.

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