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IBM reportedly fired up to 100,000 people because it wanted to be "cool" and "trendy" like Amazon or Google

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. (Getty)

  • IBM has reportedly sacked up to 100,000 people in recent years for wanting to be "cool" and "trendy," like Amazon and Google, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.
  • IBM was hit by several age groups Discrimination lawsuits filed by former employees.
  • Following the allegation, the company said IBM was "re-invented to provide greater value to our customers." IBM may have cut up to 1
    00,000 employees in recent years for millennials like "cool" and "trendy" like Amazon or Google.

    The charge was made, according to a Bloomberg report, when a former IBM vice president was dismissed in an ongoing age discrimination practice.

    IBM asked for a comment on the report and e-mailed Business Insider, "We've reinvented IBM over the past five years to deliver greater value to our customers."

    IBM has been affected by several lawsuits accusing technology giants of discriminating against older workers.

    In a civil case, Alan Wild, a former vice president of the IBM HR department, said the company had "laid off 50,000 to 100,000 employees in recent years" Texas.

    Wild stated in his statement that IBM wanted to prove to the Millennials that the company was not an "old idiotic company" and that it hoped to come across as a "cool, trendy company" like a search giant Google or online retailer Amazon.

    "To achieve this, IBM set about dismantling large parts of its older workforce for several years through redundancies," the court said.

    In his e-mail, IBM stated "hiring 50,000 people a year and spending nearly half a billion dollars training our team."

    "We also receive more than 8,000 applications a day, the highest rate we've ever experienced, so IBM's strategy and direction are exciting for the future," the company said.

    IBM is a key player in the enterprise tech market. However, the company battled with newer rivals, led by Amazon and Google, which dominate the fast-growing cloud computing market, and has seen a steady decline in revenue over the past seven years.

    IBM employed 350,600 people worldwide by the end of 2018, down 19% from 2013 levels.

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