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If the Giants trade with Tony Watson, they probably will not fare better than Sergio Romo

On Saturday, the Miami Marlins freed the Minnesota Twins' old friend and unironic #ForeverGiant Sergio Romo. This is of interest to Giants fans, as Sergio Romo will get another ring. Imagine Romo beats Cody Bellinger with an 88-MPH fastball to end the World Series. Immediately (and less likely) it also shows how little the giants get back for Tony Watson.

The twins were interested in Romo because he still has nails against right-handed people. This is what Romo did when he had a pull advantage this year:

.200 / .238 / .387, 27.5 K%, 5.0% BB%

This year, Tony Watson is against the rights done:

. 207 / .252 / .345, 21

.0 K%, 3.2 BB%

It's strange that Watson had reverse platoon splits, and I would not expect that to continue. Nonetheless, Watson and Romo had about the same level of production. Watson has 4.13 FIP in 42 innings and Romo has 3.88 FIP in 37 2/3. It's hard to say who actually did better this year. Maybe Watson because he does not fight so much, but that difference does not explain why Watson earns $ 6.5 million on incentives, while Romo earns $ 2.5 million.

Romo is cheaper and about as effective as Watson, but it is The Marlins took over Chris Vallimont, a 22-year-old starter with good numbers in High-A, and a player later named should be to land Lewin Diaz of the twins. Diaz, a 22-year-old first baseman, destroyed the Southern League this year, but FanGraphs described him as the 26th best twins and only 40 FV. Baseball America had him as the tenth best lookout point for the twins, so Diaz is not without his advantage. But even Baseball America admits that on the deadline traders rarely have an influence.

Maybe this is a case where the Marlins step on a rake and give away a decent helper and lottery ticket for a lottery ticket, but that's difficult Imagine the giants come back so often. Romo is cheaper and about as good as Watson. The only thing separating Watson from Romo is the possibility that Watson will exercise its player option for 2020. One team would need to be absolutely sure that Watson would like to stay next year to offer something of value.

Still in with the Giants From the distance of the Jokers, they will not make trades, unless the return is significant. You will not now swap a good player for a player who may never have committed to a Major League squad. The chances of getting into the playoffs may be high, but the chances of regaining a player who would improve the Giants may be greater.

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