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If you own a Switch Lite, you should get this Nintendo Flip Case

Nintendo has confirmed that it will begin selling its official switch lite flip cover in the US next month, only available in Japan. The release date is January 9th. This is good news as it is a great product. I recommend selecting one if you are using the newer, smaller switch. It does what I want of a case, namely protecting the screen while adding as little mass as possible.

The Flip Cover is a lightweight case that snaps into place with a cloth surface and a magnetic-lockable lid. It also comes with a plastic screen protector. I've been using the case for several weeks now, as it came out in Japan earlier this month along with the Pokémon Sword and the Shield Limited Edition Switch Lite, which I decided to wait because, well, look at these pink and blue buttons.

The Switch Lite is said to be a more portable version of the switch, but not much smaller than the regular model. The Lite is still a console that you almost always have to carry in a bag. That's the best – I do not think I could play Fire Emblem: Three Houses if the font size were much smaller. However, the total size of the Switch Plus Case combination is reduced so drastically with the Flip Cover that it significantly affects the portability of the system.

In particular, Nintendo has managed to make the case much thinner by covering the analog sticks with two slightly raised bumps instead of allowing them to increase the overall size of the case. Compared to the official Nintendo case I got with my original switch at launch in March 2017:

The result is that I can now easily throw the Switch Lite into a shopping bag without thinking about bulky device, the I just want to take it with me, if I'm sure I'll really use it.

Fortunately, it is easy to install and remove the Switch Lite, but you can still play the system with the cover open and attached, if that proves to be more practical. It can not be folded back completely – it dangles only at a 90-degree angle without being in the way. There is also a recess for the USB-C port, so you do not have to remove the case to charge the switch.

I do not know why Nintendo did not prepare the Flip Cover for the launch of the Switch Lite and it's available in more regions because it's an integral part of the product for me, like the Smart Cover, as Apple's first for the iPad introduced. My only complaint is that the switch itself is not magnetically locked and unlocked like an iPad Smart Cover. Anyway, I would recommend this to everyone for $ 39.99. The whole point of the Switch Lite is portability. So you're probably going to want a case, and that's the best I can think of.

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