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IFA 2018: Google will launch "Pixel Watch" next year

BERLIN: After announcing a third major upgrade for its Android-based Wear operating system (OS) for wearables,
Google has confirmed that it will not release a speculative flagship "Pixel Watch" this year.

The search engine giant is instead focusing on collaborating with smartwatch makers such as Fossil and Casio while improving the Wear Operating System (OS), Tom & # 39; s Guide said Friday.

"When I think of a unit clock, I do not think we're already here," Miles Barr, director of engineering at Wear OS, quoted Google.

"Our focus is now on our partners," Barr added.

IFA 201
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A Trade Fair for Technology

1. September 2018

The IFA 2018 in Berlin is Europe's largest trade fair for consumer electronics. It marks the launch of the best and coolest tech gadgets from around the world. The five-day event started on August 31st. From watches to laptops, portable chargers and gaming thrones, there is so much to do. So, let's dive deeper into the highlights of the event. Some of the most innovative and interesting products have been launched.

Google does not want to develop its own hardware because some watches are geared towards fitness enthusiasts, while others focused more on design with just a few watches that nicked the combination of the two.

Immediately "Google did not come up with a smartwatch that could be all things to all people."

Google announced at the IFA 2018 in Berlin the new brand name "Wear OS".

The reworked "Wear OS" due out mid-September features an improved user interface, faster access to notifications, smarter health coaching with "Google Fit" and more proactive help from Assistant Feature.

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