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Ige builds on leadership over Hanabusa in the primary election campaign – Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –

Gov. David Ige continued to build on his early leadership in the first election results as he sought to tackle a difficult democratic challenge from US MEP Colleen Hanabusa and secure a second term.

Results published at 20:40. showed Ige with more than 50 percent of the vote, while Hanabusa had 44 percent.

"We are cautiously optimistic, I would like to say," said Ige electoral spokeswoman Glenna Wong after the first results of the night were published

"The postal ballots, the early electoral votes, are the citizens who are always your regular voters "They decided early, did their homework, they come to vote and they send their ballots, we are very happy."

Meanwhile, the spokeswoman for the Hanabusa campaign, Michael Golojuch, said the race was still tight.

"These are the numbers before we received the wonderful endorsement from the star advertiser, Maui Times, Maui News, there is still much to catch today," he said. "We have a very positive response from the people out there when we go door-to-door, a great answer our telephone banking makes, and I think we'll be tough on it."

On the Republican side won republican deputy Andria Tupola nods in the governor's race and will face the Democratic candidate in November.

She said she was looking forward to being "the outsider."

We have to keep our name out there again and again, but more than that, we need to differentiate, "he said," that's what people wanted to see. They have seen some debates, they have seen some forums. This must be so clear that people & # 39; Yes! I want that! & # 39; So we have to be different and make sure our message is heard.

Statewide voters went to the polls on Saturday to weigh the race and a host of other hot competitions, including the vice-governor races, the Congress headquarters vacant of Hanabusa, and some state and district races.

Given the hegemony of the Democratic Party in Hawaii, some of these races will be anything but bound by the end of the night.

For much of the day, voters had encountered short lines (or no lines at all), but the election officials said That this may be due to an increase in mailing and early walk-in ballots

A false alarm

Hanabusa officially announced its run for Governor in early January, days before the false missile alert was sent to all Hawaii phones

The false alarm (and Ige's handling) quickly became a blessing to Hanabusa's offer for the seat. And by the end of January, Hanabusa had received very strong support from her US House counterpart, Tulsi Gabbard.

"What is more clear than ever is that Hawaii is a strong, dynamic leader at the head of our state," said Gabbard on January 23, standing shoulder to shoulder with Hanabusa in front of the State Capitol building ,

But in the following months, anger over the false missile alerting faded and Ige was seen in response to other natural disasters, including historic flooding on Kauai and Kilauea eruptions on the Big Island, which destroyed more than 700 homes and displaced thousands. He has referred to his treatment of these catastrophes, to the successes of his Government in environmental policy, on the support of the classroom and on alleviating the homeless crisis. He has also promoted the work of the state to defend itself against the Trump government, including travel bans.

And he has promised more work to combat the lack of affordable housing and the high cost of living in Hawaii.

Hanabusa, meanwhile, tried to undermine Ige's term by pointing out his very big mistakes and suggesting that she would bring competence (1

9659014) Hanabusa points to other missteps

Perhaps most frequently, she points out the 38 minutes The state needed to send a message telling the residents that the rocket alarm was wrong.

Do you do that for 38 minutes? "Hanabusa asked Ige at the HNN Super Debate in July.

Ig's Answer:" Of course we were not prepared. We've made the changes to make sure that the event will never happen again. "

But Ige's government has also fought in other ways – including escaping a well-known killer from Hawaii State Hospital and dealing with the controversial one Thirty Meter Telescope, and it was these missteps that made Hanabusa run.

Faced with a difficult campaigner, Ige, who had four years ago in an unlikely match against Gov Neil Abercrombie in Hanabusa's footsteps, sees an astonishing turn of fate

Ige had been quietly serving for nearly three decades in the legislature of the state when he won a two-to-one main-election victory over Abercrombie – the first governor in the history of the state to lose a major race.

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