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Illinois was not alerted to any early evidence in the case of uterine removal

Police and Illinois Children's Relief Report reported that staff at a hospital near Chicago did not alerted them after they found that a bloody woman who arrived with a critically ill newborn was not just a boy World, she claimed.

More than three weeks later, the woman, Clarisa Figueroa, was accused of having killed the baby's mother, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, after the police found her body in front of Figueoa's house. Police in Chicago said she had Ochoa-Lopez cut the baby out of the womb on April 23 and then called 911 to announce that she was giving birth to a baby who was not breathing. Paramedics brought Figueroa and the baby to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in a suburb of Oak Lawn.

According to the authorities, the baby was hospitalized on Saturday for life-support.

The prosecutors said when Figueroa was taken to the hospital with the baby, she had blood on her upper body and face that a hospital employee wiped off. They also say that Figueroa, 46, was hospitalized and showed no physical signs of childbirth.

The Advocate Christ Medical Center declined to state whether or when it contacted the authorities, citing state and federal regulations. Oak Lawn police said they had not been briefed by Figueroa medical center or any other authority to make medical decisions. He said he could not speculate why the agency was not contacted earlier.

"We do not know what happens in the hospital," he said.

Strokosch said the Child and Family Services Department had been alerted by someone legally required to contact the department for suspected abuse or neglect, but he could not say who had contacted the agency.

However, this happened after Chicago police linked Figueroa to Ochoa-Lopez's disappearance. Police commissioner Eddie Johnson said the police learned that Ochoa-Lopez was missing when her husband died on April 24 reported. On May 7, the Chicago police learned from a friend of Ochoa-Lopez that she had communicated via a private Facebook group with Figueroa about the purchase of clothing. The police then went to Figueroa's home, where her 24-year-old daughter finally told them that her mother had recently had a baby.

"In the beginning, there was nothing that could point us in that direction," Johnson told reporters Thursday. After the police arrested Figueroa and her daughter for murder.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said authorities should summon hospital records for Figueroa and the child on Saturday. He said the police had learned "only a few weeks" after the investigation that Figueroa showed no signs of childbirth.

Both Johnson and Guglielmi asked the medical center questions about the hospital protocol and guidelines. A spokesperson said in an e-mail statement, "We've worked with the authorities, and since it's an ongoing police matter, we're passing all investigations to local law enforcement agencies."

DNA testing turned out that Figueroa was not the baby's mother. Ochoa-Lopez's husband was his father. Strokosch said his department had custody of the child canceled on May 1

3 because his father had been identified.

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