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I'm jealous of how the Red Sox flew to London

A few days ago, I wrote about how NFL star Cam Newton missed his business class flight from American Airlines back to the US from Paris and was rebooked in the business. Given that he is 6 "5", he offered $ 1,500 to someone in the starting row to swap places with him, and the guy declined.

Suffice to say, I was not jealous of the way he crossed the Atlantic.

Well, here is an Atlantic crossing I'm jealous of .

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees arrive in London this weekend. They had to fly their entire team to London, so they chartered a plane, which is logical enough. Not only did they charter a plane – they also chartered the Crystal 777.

I wrote about the Crystal Boeing 777-200 for the first time in 201

6, as it is one of the most luxurious private jets in the sky. This is the same company behind Crystal Cruises, one of the highest cruise lines in the market.

With this aircraft, Crystal offers "Air Cruises" where these specially configured 777 people travel around the world for some pretty memorable itineraries. However, they also offer individual charters, which makes sense.

This is exactly the plane that the Boston Red Sox chartered yesterday from Boston to London Gatwick.

While this aircraft normally seats up to 300 passengers, this aircraft can accommodate only 88 people. Part of the aircraft consists of fully flat Business Class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Pleasant enough to fly, but with an incredible-looking bar and dining area. That's what really sets it apart.

Here is a video from the Red Sox Charter:

Well, although the aircraft itself is incredibly luxurious, it seems the team may have a lack of performance to record when it comes to catering. Even with the most luxurious jets, it is up to the charter customer to decide how he wishes. It looks like they were mainly flying with fries, fruit, cheese and so on. Although the airplane in the video above is still fair on the ground.

Of course it is possible that there was a more elaborate food service, but what we see does not look that great. This was also a night flight, so it was possible that they did not want to go into it, as priority was on sleeping.

Still, that looks like shit and is enough to say that I'm really jealous.

The Red Sox are not the first sports team to charter this aircraft – in 2017, the Vancouver Canucks chartered this aircraft from Vancouver to China.

One thing I could not figure out is how the New York Yankees fly to London. Maybe they chartered the Four Seasons private jet (though that too is not that luxurious)?

Is this crystal 777 grand or what?

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