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I'm pretty frustrated with Prime Day


Amazon, we have to talk.


It descends with a flutter of tweets and posts, and Amazon re-releases news from connected speakers everywhere: another Prime Day . Another shopping spree. Now it starts again.

I've been writing prime-day deals for several years and have been a prime member for years. Unfortunately I was very excited: games that I longed for, suddenly in flash sale. Kindle books for a song. A chance to grab a new Kindle or Instant Pot. Yes, it is addictive.

And now, in July 201

9, this excitement is gone. I tried exploring Amazon's offerings this year, feeling trapped in a foggy maze. Prime Days side feels like hugging a squid.

It hit me: Amazon's website sucks. OK, it's a confusing, disoriented mess. And … that's shit.

It's really bad. And I can not handle that. And that's not the only thing that bothers me on Prime Day. Please let me share. I also asked Amazon for a comment. I have not received an answer yet.

  screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-04-50-pm "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/8aQ3LK0sHfB69FTtGv9T5ZWKxaA= / 2019/07/15 / 0ec2f659 -4dd1-43f4-8828-b9d4723cbbeb / screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-04-50-PM.png [19659010[screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-04-50-pm

Help me …

Screenshot by Scott Stein / CNET

Nothing is easy to find …

On a normal list of sales, such as a Nintendo eShop sale or a flyer I receive from Fairway, I can see what the offers are are and why I should be interested. Many are even emphasized by importance. Amazon's site is like a broken department store. The deals are scattershot. Board games, garbage bags, laptops, fryers, crocs. I have no way to prioritize.

Why can not I search offers that interest me more? Or why Amazon does not yet know what I'm interested in? Or at least can not retrieve it from my search history and mark things that are apparently important to me (as long as I agree and agree)?

That's why places like CNET (my employer) work so hard to help you find the best stuff in the maze of Amazon's overcrowded offerings. But there is also much more that Amazon could do to help you find the things that interest you most.

… and sometimes you will not even land on the deals that I purposely searched for deals that you can post to CNET, and even then, some searches will return priced products and other prime rebates. And then there are deals on deals, confusing price reductions with additional "Save with Prime" blue stickers that could be revealed now or in the checkout cart or wherever. For some offers, I almost had to buy an item to see what the actual price savings were. But even here you could buy what is "on sale" easily at a different price and never realize it.

Third party providers cloud the picture with confusion.

Even when the deals are closed, there are still loads of invitations to buy the object you're looking for at a confusing price range that often does not exactly match what you wanted. Good luck with it. (I stay on track and only go with official providers if you can tell the difference.) It's a shame because these third-party vendors are often small businesses, like a cool local board shop or a magic shop I've never heard of have. But knowing which ones are legitimate and which are cheating is really, really difficult.

  screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-07-28-pm "data-original =" https: //cnet1.cbsistatic.com/wmg/TMHmS61eQm1a9JLWSwAIHiL0H7s = / 2019/07/15 / abcf3d74 -9487-41af-a75c-4a0f2b7aa376 / screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-07-28-pm.png

I've been on a familiar road before …

Screenshot by Scott Stein / CNET

Hello, have I seen this deal before? (Or have I?)

I have an instant pot I bought two years ago. I got my Kindle Paperwhite last year for $ 80. I got a cheap smart plug . I have a updated microSD card for my switch. I bought copies of Catan his extensions and some other random board games that I have not played yet. And now, I see, these deals are back. They circle again and again. Now and in November for Black Friday. I have become more aware of how cyclical these sales are and how few of them are unique. Can we get a novelty? Or can I get a sense of how good a business is compared to when I last saw it? Or can Amazon finally know what I already own and filter accordingly?

Where did the Kindle e-book sales go?

My little delight in Amazon sales days is that the long list of reduced Kindle books Amazon sometimes offers until . The offers of Prime Day are much calmer. Amazon is offering a three-month trial for Kindle Unlimited (I hope I will not forget to cancel the subscription), and there was a $ 5 Kindle credit deal if you bought your Kindle books from … yesterday. I did not do that because I was waiting for the books to be offered for sale today, which is not the case.

  screen-shot-2019-07-15-at-6-11-07-pm "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/CqOerFoqFaDIbNGyj0E6OWZq-I8=/2019/07/15 / bcc2a3b1-cbf4-429c-95c4-f223e7f9c1e7 / screen-shot-2019-07-15-at- 6-11-07-pm.png

I do not know.

Screenshot by Scott Stein / CNET

So many smart home things

Smart home devices are not always loved in my house. I thought of the Echo Show 5 which looks like a big little alarm clock. My wife said no to the smart speakers in the bedroom. I do not blame her. We have enough technology.

I love that the Kindle is a unassociated device. However, with every other Amazon device offered at special prices, it's about deep into your home into a series of microphones and connected devices. I am fine, not to do that, at the moment . Despite my love of the future and technology, I'm fine when I'm not stocking up. I also assume that the same offers will be waiting for me in four months, if I change my mind.

I like the small shops of my city. I encourage people not to shop locally. I'm to blame in my own life. I love Kindle books, although I also like shopping in local bookstores. These two do not exist so easily next to each other. But I try to go to small business days when I can, and to visit new stores, and I do not want these stores to disappear. Amazon Prime Day? Well, it will not help. And this year is much protested .

It's time for Amazon to use its advanced powers not to confuse us.

Despite all my frustrations, there are agreements. Prime Day can be helpful if you get the right sale. However, for a company focused on AI, machine learning, and building a smooth automated future, Prime Day is fraught with friction. And I should not find it so difficult to find offers that interest me. Actually, it just makes me feel right. For a company as powerful as Amazon, Prime Day feels more like a random fire hose than a targeted aid.

Nevertheless, I bought an iPad.

Unfortunately I have to say that Prime Day pulled me in for at least one purchase: a 128GB iPad for the family. I just wanted to let you know.

Also here a few links to the Prime Day.

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