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IMF front-line list replaces candidates for Lagarde Narrows in the Eurozone

The list of leaders for the succession of Christine Lagarde as head of the International Monetary Fund is confined to four officials in the euro area, according to several senior European officials.

The finance ministers of the group of seven discussed on Wednesday in Chantilly, France, on the sidelines of a summit on the front runners.

wife. Lagarde, who was appointed to head the European Central Bank, officially resigned from her IMF post on Tuesday, paving the way for the appointment of a successor in the coming months.

The four largest nations in Europe – Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain. belong together with the USA, Canada and Japan to the G-7-group of the rich nations. Their finance ministers will meet in Chantilly, France on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss issues such as taxes, crypto values ​​and inequality.

Ministers discussed the following candidates, according to high-ranking European officials: Jeroen Dijsselbloem, former Dutch Minister of Finance and former President of the Eurogroup, the Club of Finance Ministers of the euro area; Mário Centeno, current head of the Eurogroup and Portuguese Minister of Finance; the Governor of the Finnish Central Bank, Olli Rehn, and Nadia Calviño, the Spanish Minister of Economic Affairs and former high-ranking officials of the European Union leader is not in the shortlist.

An official said that Mr. Carney, who also holds Irish and British nationality, would not be considered for his extra-European origin. Another official said the overwhelming reason was the desire to nominate a candidate from the Eurozone community.

Although the leadership of the IMF is officially open to people from every country, the CEO has always been a European in his 75-year history. As part of an informal agreement with Washington, Europeans support the American decision to lead the World Bank in exchange for the US to support the IMF's favored candidate for Europe.

Several officials agreed that Britain will not play a key role in discussing the next IMF leader because he wants to leave the EU.

"Nobody doubts Mark's excellent qualifications and skills, but other factors play a role in selecting a European candidate," said a senior official familiar with the discussions.

Another official said the ministers had not agreed on a favored candidate on Wednesday night, but agreed to nominate one by the end of the month.

Mr. Dijsselbloem, the outspoken Dutch politician, has support from Germany and France, according to officials from these countries, but is against it in southern Europe because he is considered austerity measures during his tenure in the Eurogroup.

Dijsselbloem's candidacy, Mr Rehn, formerly EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Monetary Affairs and Euro, would be a natural candidate among the fiscally conservative northern nations such as Germany supporting the southern European border zone, the latter having the additional advantage of being the only candidate.

The IMF Rules for the Selection of the Chief Executive provide that the incumbent may not be older than 65 at the time of appointment

A senior US Treasury official said that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is expected to he is involved in the discussions about Ms. Lagarde's successor, but that, starting from a full candidate field, it was premature for the US to take a specific position in support of a candidate.

1; Joshua Zumbrun contributed to this article.

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