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"I believe it is time for the Judiciary Committee to initiate formal impeachment and gather the evidence necessary to make a strong case against President Trump," said MEP Peter DeFazio of Oregon in a statement , "His presidency is a threat to our national security and a threat to our democracy." Delaware's Lisa Blunt Rochester joined him and said in a statement, "Although I believe we must continue to oversee the six competent committees of the House of Representatives while we are also prosecuting the facts, we believe that Grounding on which to stand is apt to initiate impeachment proceedings. "
DeFazio and Blunt Rochester, along with Representative Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, became the 94th, 95th and 96th Democrats ̵
1; out of 97 members of the House of Representatives ( the other is Justin Amash from Michigan), according to the census of CNN, for an impeachment.

Which is not insignificant! But it is much less than the avalanche of impeachment demands that some Democrats – especially liberals – had hoped to see in Mueller's testimony. This hope was based on the idea that the clarification of the results of his 448-page report by the former Special Representative would bring home the depth and breadth of Trump's wrongdoing and trigger a series that would break the dam of impeachment.

But Mueller's remarks before the Justice and Intelligence Committees of the House of Representatives were far from the sort of tour de force that forced the members of the fence to plead massively for impeachment. [19659006] The fact that only a few members joined these calls, argues that it has not been able to convince the testimony of Müller.

"I think it will probably stay where it is," said Californian Democrat Juan Vargas to Ashley Killough (19459010) and Ali Main (19459010) of CNN over the number of impeachments. "I mean, many of us who have long believed in impeachment will probably continue to believe, and I think those who have not done so will continue to believe."

That's right. Müller's testimony was not a bomb. At least, when it came to setting impulses for the impeachment process.

The Point : The 2020 election has always been the best (and perhaps only) way for Democrats to ever remove Trump. This is even clearer in the statement by Müller in the rearview mirror.

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