SportsPulse: The NFL is 100 years old. Will it really survive to reach 200? We dive deep into the state of the league and the challenges that could make the NFL out of control as the undisputed king of American sports.

This is the 100th season of the NFL. To celebrate, the league has released a new series titled "NFL 100 Greatest". First up was the 100 biggest tracks, a two-part series by NFL Films that ended on Friday night on NFL Network.

The list was compiled by 80 people selected by Associated Press and NFL Media. Your conclusion? The Immaculate Reception is the biggest piece in NFL history.

For the Least Unknown: The Immaculate Reception was a piece of Pittsburgh Steelers that Franco Harris attributed to the Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium at the end of a 1972 play-off match. When Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw dropped back to fourth place after a late duel with Ken Stabler against the Raiders, he shot a pass over the middle that distracted from DB Jack Tatum – at least the referees dictated this as there was a rule By the time the game had been canceled, the ball would have struck (or hit) only the Steelers player John Fuqua, who was leveled by Tatum in the game – and bounced several meters in front of the field. Harris grabbed the ball from the air, raced up the sideline and gave the Steelers the game-deciding touchdown.

It was the Steelers' first win in the then playoffs 39. Year of existence. Later that decade, they won four Super Bowls. Currently they have six Lombardi trophies (most of them with the Patriots) and rank second with a total of 36 playoff wins behind the Pats.

The jury-nominated Game # 2 was "The Catch," the link between Joe Montana and Dwight Clark in the 1981 NFC Championship game, to which the San Francisco 49ers were sent the Super Bowl for the first time.

Similar to the "Immaculate Reception", this was described as " Immaculate Reception "The historic turning point as a balance of power in the NFC was viewed as being transmitted by the Cowboys to the 49ers for the duration of the 1980s.

no. Ranked # 3 on the list was "The Helmet Catch", the remarkable New York Giants WR David Tyree's victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

It helped to set up the Giants' game-changing touchdown, this one The Patriots prevented a perfect 19: 0 balance.

The rest of the list, which contains many other iconic, named pieces, can be found here.


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