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In George H.W. Bush's calm, a rare opportunity for unity

The ex-commander-in-chief will be in Capitol State in front of a state funeral service at Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday, where a meeting of the world's most exclusive club – the former president – will take place. [19659002] A building showdown on a possible partial government shutdown could subside for a few days, and the increasing threat of the Trump presidency by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller could take a back seat.

Despite the reluctance between the Bush family and President Donald Trump, the 41st President, made it clear that he wished to have the current leader of America at the funeral and put the institution of the presidency above personal animosity.

Trump has confirmed that he will participate in the event, which has a series of national disasters and tragedies following moments of mourning in public that have led critics to blame their behavior as expected by a president ,

To his credit, he canceled what certainly was a Cont illegale press conference at the G20 summit in Argentina on Saturday out of respect for Bush. He also sent one of the iconic blue and white 747 jets that serve as Air Force One when a president is on board to carry Bush's casket.
  & # 39; Special Air Mission 41[ads1]: Bush & 39; s recent flights on Air Force One

"We will spend three days mourning and three days celebrating the life of a truly great man," said Trump Argentina with a friendly tribute.

"We look forward to doing that, and he definitely deserves it." He really does. He was a very special person. "

But Wednesday's ceremony still promises to be an unpleasant moment of political theater for Trump, as he will face former presidents and other high-ranking officials he has over the past few days.

In the Last week, for example, Trump has posted a picture that puts past Linton behind bars for former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as well as former rival Hillary C. Trump often shines at rallies while his crowd "close them!" over the former candidate And Michelle Obama wrote in her new autobiography that she "will never forgive Trump for his conspiracy theory about Obama's birthplace, which launched the political career of the real estate mogul and reality TV star."

Trump is likely to face all four in the National Cathedral in front of a huge television audience Several of the former leaders, including Obama and Clinton, have established close ties with their Republican predecessor, as well as friendly relations between them and Bush's son, former President George W. Bush. There are no such connections between this trio and the current president, who has often criticized his predecessors and given no sign of using their advice and experience to perform one of the toughest and most lonely jobs in world politics.

The President has also been averse Another son of the elder Bush, former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, made during the 2016 campaign and in July a signature quote from the 41st President on "A Thousand Points of Light", which later became the name of his charity

  George HW Bush was the exact opposite of Donald Trump

Unavoidable comparisons

The state funeral on Wednesday will provide similarities and the final farewell to John McCain resist in September, to which Trump was not invited after mocking the Arizona Senator during the 2016 campaign because he was shot down and detained in Vietnam nearly 50 years ago.

McCain's ministry, through the design of the late Republican senator, became an extended comparison between his heroism, his ability to reach beyond the gait and ethos of service, and Trump's often self-promoting behavior.

Such analogies may be re-perceived in the tributes to Bush, who was almost universally regarded as a gentleman and a gentleman, a return to a more civil and generous era of politics.

Nevertheless, Trump was there, and if he broke off his open policy, the divisions of the nation could be resolved, at least for a few days.

Bush's death also appears to postpone one of the year's final political showdowns – a financing controversy implicated in Trump's $ 5 billion funding for his border wall.

A A source informed of the talks told CNN that lawmakers are considering a one-week spending bill to avoid partial closure of the government by Friday, as Congress announced earlier this week Bush's ceremonies will not be in session. [19659012TrumpstoldjournalistsaboutAirForceOnSaturdaySaturdayeveningthattheyopenedupsuchasolution

"I would absolutely think it over and probably give it," Trump said.

Russia cloud darkens over Trump

Washington's mourning comes at a difficult moment in Trump's presidency, after a week in which it became clear that Müller is restraining the president as his investigations accelerate ,

On Thursday, Muller unveiled a collaborative agreement with Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen admitted that he had lied to Congress to cover up the fact that he was negotiating a contract for the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow by June 2016 during the presidential campaign.

He said earlier that the talks on the Moscow project would end in January 2016, saying he was lying out of a sense of commitment to Trump.

A couple of Friday night developments seemed to bring the probe even closer to the White House. CNN reported that Cohen believed Trump would offer him an apology in exchange for negotiating with prosecutors.

  Cohen believed Trump would apologize to him, but then things changed

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that Trump Cohen never did has hinted at such a possibility. However, the report immediately sparked speculation about communication between the two men. Any evidence that Trump would have been pardoned in return for Cohen's testimony would be an abuse of power and possibly an indictment.

Later, on Friday, Cohen's lawyers provided the clearest indication that he had informed Trump of his efforts to complete the deal in Moscow in 2016.
  Michael Cohen's solicitors do not demand a term of imprisonment for their client in the sentencing of the memo

[19659011] A political break in the coming days could give Trump a brief relief from Russia's questions, but also make it harder to reach an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to avert an escalation in the trade war between the two largest economies in the world.

Trump agreed to maintain 10% duty on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods and not raise "to 25%" at this time "by January 1 deadline. According to a statement by the White House, China in turn will buy "very substantial" agricultural, energy and other goods from the United States to help reduce trade mismatch.

"The Biggest Deals Ever Made," Trump said, though trade experts considered the agreement a temporary truce, as a permanent peace treaty to alleviate growing tensions between the US and China.

Clare Foran of CNN, Pamela Brown Gloria Borger, Donna Borak, Evan Perez, Kara Scannell and Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

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