Smart plugs are a great way to make simple electronics smarter – be it an old lamp with a non-removable light bulb, an older TV, or a coffee maker. However, the smart sockets cannot tell what is connected to them. Until recently, every smart connector only has a generic logo in the home app. This changed when Google started adjusting the icon automatically, depending on what you call the device – e.g. B. “Desk light”

; gives you a light bulb icon – but so far there has been no way to change it manually. Google appears to want to change this because the iOS Home app has been given the option to manually change the device type.

9to5Google found that a new user greets you when you go to the Smart Plug settings page in the latest version of the iOS Home app Art Entry. Tap on it and you will get a selection of popular device types, which you can find in the middle screenshot below. Once you have selected a type, you will be asked to rename the device. Once you’re done, you’ll find the new icon in the home app. Depending on your naming scheme, this will help the Google Assistant understand your voice commands better. If you tell him to turn off the lights, all smart outlets marked as Smart Lights are automatically included. The home app can also group outlets more intelligently if they are assigned the correct type.

Left & Center: Device type option on iOS. Correct: Not yet on Android.

Although we haven’t found a similar option on Android yet, it’s probably only a matter of time before we get the option. However, if you have an iOS device at home, you can already take advantage of the updated behavior. Changes you make on iOS are taken into account on Android.

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