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In Microsoft File Explorer, OnMSFT.com 2019 may see a new UI design push

Microsoft had made a real Fluent design push in the past several Windows 10 Update releases, but with the botched introduction of the October 2018 update, the Windows team seems to highlight all the new features or the awesome design changes compared to the last previous versions of the preview.

However, the Windows team is reluctant to hold back on the latest Insider design previews, and official updates with incremental file explorer changes may come to an end.

There are rumors that the Windows team intends to revise the File Explorer to one of Windows' most eye-catching visuals.

According to a post on the Italian HTNovo site, Microsoft Fluent Elements will probably already be the File Explorer's first developer conference in May and could become established for regular users by 2020.

A captured screenshot of the pr When modifying the UI UI, a mix of Windows 1

0 Mail sidebar items and the new right-click menu in Microsoft's new Chromium Edge browser leaked download were highlighted.

Apart from the Windows Aspects of Microsoft's Operating System The Stone of the OS was for many a file explorer and its content manager, and so far it has remained relatively untouched by official Windows design teams.

As assumed by so many creative designers and artists over time, the (so far) unofficial) overhaul suggestions are intended to extract some clues from the litany of phantom revelations of File Explorer and reintroduce Microsoft's short-lived sets platform.

We must remember that nothing has been confirmed Leaked image (if applicable) could be months if not years away. However, as Microsoft redesigned its Edge browsing experience and developed a lighter operating system for Chrome, it is not out of the question that new File Explorer UI elements will find their way to Insiders sometime this year.

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