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In one shift, Warren responds to Biden's "angry" comment

Friday's donation email, which was never directly mentioned to Biden, marked a change for Warren's team that initially ignored Biden's "furious" comment, even though their allies assumed the former vice president's language was gender specific.

We are told that women should not be angry, "Warren wrote in the message. "It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet."

She continued, "Well, I'm angry and I own it, I'm angry on behalf of all those who are hurt by Trump's government, our rigged economy, and the usual business dealings."

Warren, who left on Saturday The e-mail was asked, answered much less pointedly, saying she had talked about it for a long time, "anger," including last year during the hearings for the appointment of Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

As she continued to think about it Whether Biden would call a male candidate "angry", she accused herself.

"Why do not you ask him that?" Warren asked. Warren's subdued remarks on Saturday seemed to be a return to her campaign strategy of not directly attacking Democratic main opponents, even though her deputies fought back against critics.

Warren's election campaign declined to comment when asked at the beginning of the week after Biden's criticism. She also diverted questions about his Thursday attacks during a brief meeting with reporters who traveled with her on a three-day trip through North and South Carolina.

"I'm out here to talk about why I'm in this race." Warren said about a town hall in Raleigh when he was generally asked about Biden's criticism. Then she turned to her stumbling speech and added, "We have a country that is well-suited for an ever thinner spike."

Warren's answer comes as the two nominees begin to grasp the Democratic president's nomination sharp sounds to each other, deviating from contrasts over politics and inclining to comments about the character.

Biden staged a series of attacks against Warren last week in a mid-size post. He accused her of being politically "on my way" or "on the highway" and suggested that she "deigns millions of Democrats" whose views deviate from theirs.

Warren did not respond to these parts of his attack.

] Biden's campaign said that the vice president had written his middle post after Warren said he was "running in the wrong elementary school". She commented after Biden had criticized her $ 20.5 trillion Medicare-for-all financing plan as "mathematical gymnastics." Biden's campaign rejects any notion that the former vice president is undertaking a gender-based attack, stating that he has in the past angered men like Republican Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) and the late Senator John McCain (Ariz) "described. ).

"The strong women in my life are angry, they get angry," Biden said in a CNN interview with Dana Bash. Biden rejected suggestions that his comment was sexist. "That's not something I did or what I wanted to do."

Warren's three-day journey through the Carolinas focused on campaigning for non-white voters and showed more freestyle events than their typical election campaign fare.

In a live interview with Angela Rye Warren, a former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, had to name three black leaders, which she would invoke in her cabinet. She responded by calling the former Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, a nameless president of a historically black college or university, and Melody Barnes, lawyer and former adviser to President Barack Obama and the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass. ) Listed. She also responded to criticism from Hillary Clinton, who said that her Medicare-for-All plan will never be passed. "You do not get what you do not fight for," Warren said.
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