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In PS4's Days Gone & # 39; your drifter bike is your most important companion

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment released the second video of an ongoing series detailing the details of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusivity: Days Gone .

More specifically, Sony has released a new video titled "Riding the Broken Road," which is the second video of his Days Gone "World Series." While the first video served as a tour of the game from a broader perspective, the latest video revolves around the protagonist Deacon St. John's Drifter Bike, which will be his most faithful and reliable companion while he tries to be a brutal companion To cross the world danger.

According to the video, your drifter bike is more than a means of transport, it's often the difference between life and death. Basically, you can not overtake anything, meaning you never want to be too far from your bike if you're overwhelmed and have to escape a horde of frogs or wild, zombie-devouring wolves.

The video also shows that the game will be adapted to the bike. Not only can you play with the aesthetics of the bike, but you can also improve things like fuel tank and nitro if you really want to survive the world of the game. The former is especially important because you never have enough gas and want to paint a huge target on your back.

Other interesting tidbits are banished in the video, for example if you die, you will appear on your bike, which I hope you have kept nearby. To learn all about the drifter bike, you should watch the entire video above.

Days Gone will be released on PlayStation 4 worldwide on April 26 and will cost $ 59.99. In a first-time Sony game there is no chance that the title comes to other platforms.

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