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In several US cities, police officers join protesters for prayers and hugs

While tensions between the police and protesters have increased in many places, some officials have shown solidarity with the movement by hugging, praying with, praying with, grieving with and kneeling to honor Floyd.

Atlanta officers kneel in front of protesters.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a number of police officers who held shields near a Centennial Olympic Park protest during a Monday protest knelt in front of protesters.

Another picture shows an official wearing a gas mask, helmet and vest hugging a demonstrator in the southern city on the fourth day of the protest.

An officer dressed in a helmet and mask hugs a protester.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen joined demonstrators on Monday and linked the weapons to the participants.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen connects guns to protesters.

On Sunday, Pazen said dozens of his officers were injured in responding to the protests, but were keen to return and protect the rights of the demonstrators.

New York Police Department chief Terence Monahan hugs an activist.

In New York, Terence Monahan, head of the New York City Police Department, hugged a protester during a protest in his city on Monday.

A CHP officer and a protester shake hands during a demonstration.

On the west coast, Cre8 The Change protester Kevin Welbeck shook hands with a California Highway Patrol official during a protest in the Van Nuys area of ​​Los Angeles.

At least two Connecticut officials joined demonstrators as they marched through Bristol on Monday.

A protester and a police officer hug each other during a demonstration march in Connecticut.

Bristol police officer Nick Travisano was hugged by a demonstrator as he joined a march with his colleague Chris Bird.

A protester and an officer hug.

In Minnesota, the state where Floyd was killed, an officer and a protester shared an emotional hug during a protest in St. Paul.

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