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In Steam Labs, take a look at Valve's experimental projects – TechCrunch

As with most businesses, much of the work that is done behind the scenes by Valve (the company behind the hugely popular Steam Gameshop) never comes to light. Concepts are born, torn and rebuilt and sometimes thrown away, with no one outside the company ever seeing a clue to it.

Seems that Valve is trying to change that, giving users the ability to give feedback on potential new features before they start & # 39; are completely baked. The company has just unveiled a new project called "Steam Labs" that will give first-time users a first glimpse into concepts that may not work in Valve's Steam game shop.

You can find the new Labs page here.

The first three "experiments" deal exclusively with finding new games:

  1. Micro Trailers: Six-second video trailers that play when you hover over the graphics of a game
  2. ] Interactive Recommender: Since the Steam client is used to launch most of the games you buy through the Steam Store, Valve has a good idea of ​​what you play and how long. In this experiment, this data is used to find other games you might like based on the ones you played most often. Do you want something that nobody has heard of yet? You can filter out the popular content and limit the results to the lesser known ones.
  3. Automatic Show: An auto-generated show in the style of a shopping channel that highlights the footage of the latest releases. Over time, they hope for an automatically generated narration that will tell you a little about what you are seeing. At the moment, however, it is mostly only material about music.

Valve quickly points out that all these experiments are just that ̵

1; there is no promise that anything that pops up in the labs will make it the official customer. They also say that even "Steam Labs itself is an experiment" that will probably change over time and evolve a lot. If you particularly like / dislike a feature, Valve has also set up a forum for user comments and suggestions.

If anyone at Valve could classify Half Life 3 as a steam experiment and take a look at what the hell is going on, that would be great.

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