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In the unpredictable path of hurricane Dorian, officials in four states are uneasy

Hurricane Dorian Fought Against On Saturday, the United States has taken an unpredictable route to the southeast, leaving residents of four states on the edge.

Dorian had grown into a stronger Category 4 hurricane with angry winds of over 200 km / h. The storm could lead to a life-threatening storm surge as it plows the Atlantic coast towards Georgia and Carolina.

Experts warned that the storm could intensify before it reaches the United States.

"Dorian is expected to drive over a deep layer of very warm water that is like high-octane fuel for hurricanes," wrote Lixion Avila, senior forecaster at the National Hurricane Center, in an update on Saturday struggling with the unpredictable path to deal with the storm. On Friday, it looked like Dorian would hit South Florida. On Saturday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center said Dorian could bypass the state's coastline without going ashore instead of bumping into the coast of Carolina.

Nevertheless, officials urged the residents of Florida not to abandon their guard. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) warned that Dorian could be dangerous even if he never touched land.

Jared Moskowitz, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, said that "most of Florida's east coast is likely to see high winds and floods. "At this time, the only consistent thing about this storm was the inconsistency," Moskowitz said in a press release. Five counties issued voluntary evacuations, but only two – Martin and Brevard – planned to make it mandatory for residents of Barrier Islands.

On Saturday night, Florida ordered hurricane watches for five counties, from Broward County to Indian River County, while Dorian trampled at 8 miles per hour toward the Bahamas.

This country is preparing for "catastrophic" wind, rain and storm waves on Sunday, especially in the north, said Lindsay Thompson, National Emergency Management Agency information officer in Nassau.

"It's moving slowly, so it's really not good," said Thompson. "We are a low-lying island nation. We see a storm surge in some areas up to 12 feet, 15 feet. She said Prime Minister Hubert Minnis had warned residents of the threat of Dorian on Saturday afternoon, saying, "He made a final appeal to people to get away from the smaller islands," she said, "He basically said you will dying if you stay. "

Cyclonic winds extended 30 miles from the well-defined eye of the storm, and winds with tropical storms up to 74 miles per hour extended 115 miles outwards

The wind field and the unsafe Spur kept the people on Florida's east coast in active pre-operational mode on Saturday Florida Power and Light (FPL), which powers nearly 10 million people in the state, employed 18,000 Restoration Team members from across the country and Canada throughout the state in action – also on the Daytona Motor Speedway – and waited for the power outages, which according to officials unavoidable due to a strong hurricane I am.

Brian Garner, Communications Director of the FPL, said Dorian is likely to shut off power somewhere in the state. [19659018] "Rest assured that Florida remains in the trap of insecurity, and this is still a very dangerous storm," he said.

Floridians seemed to pay attention to this warning Saturday. Water, bread, ice and plywood quickly sold in stores on the east coast of the state.

"We're at the last minute," said Christyna Hooks as she and her roommate Teika Woodbury meander through the waiting cars in the parking lot of a West Palm Beach Home Depot. "Honestly, I do not even want to put shutters in. We need wood – our landlord said we'd have to set it up – and snacks and lots of water."

"And alcohol," she added.

Stores that stocks The tourists on Labor Day weekend were quiet.Orlando International Airport, the busiest in the state, is planning to cease commercial operation on Monday at 2am.

Saturday morning was full Blocks of the Daytona Beach boardwalk were deserted, and there were no crowds on Labor Day. Amusement park rides were stopped and crews boarded an ice cream parlor.

Those who stayed said their heads turned on after a week of shifting expectations the slow-moving storm.

"It's annoying not to know," Eileen Keenan said as she stood by a Starbucks on the beach d drank a salt caramel mocha.

Keenan filled her car with gasoline and went shopping early in the week without any problems. After the hurricane was upgraded to category 3 on Friday, the same station ran out of gas and the same store ran out of water.

Karen Cook, manager of a sprawling souvenir shop on the beach, frowned as she watched the Weather Channel on a television screen on the big TV behind the cash register.

"I can not hear it anymore," she said, planning to switch to HGTV or College Football. "It's so much stress … We make sure the food is prepared and the kids are taken care of, the waiting game is just so difficult, but that eye is so big."

St Johns County, North Florida, offered its residents free sandbags and city workers dumped hundreds of them on the streets of St. Augustine.

In South Florida, residents who hurried to pack windows and get supplies for the weekend found themselves out of the cone Saturday. But many of them were still cautious.

Fort Lauderdale's beaches, despite sunshine, low temperatures in the nineties, and a mild breeze, were a small crowd, with lifeguards waving yellow flags, which meant a medium danger of "moderate surf / or flow "existed.

Without mandatory evacuation, the freeways were not crowded, and the queues at gas stations was

There were 10 different predictions, and although conditions are now more favorable, we should not forget what happened in 2017, "said Mark Bogen, mayor of Broward County, at a meeting at 11:30 am in the fully occupied Emergency response center of the district in Plantation.

Bogen referred to Hurricane Irma in 2017. South Florida was on the straight path of a Category 4 storm, only to avoid a major disaster when Irma turned at the last minute and headed for Florida's west coast instead. There were significant storm damage, including major floods and many days without electricity for a number of residents – including 12 people who died in a nursing home that was not equipped with a generator – but not the originally predicted devastation.

Bogen sounded a warning tone on Saturday.

"Suppose you lose power, suppose you are in the dark, accept the worst," he said. "Be prepared, be in a safe place."

Hurricane Irma was a much bigger storm than Dorian and surrounded most of the state – the warrant and evacuation orders of state officials like the then governor, Rick Scott (R) One of the biggest mass evacuations in the country's history: 6.8 million people left their homes to find safer ground.

This caused a massive traffic growl on the state's main highways, with drivers running out of gas on the Florida Turnpike and they camped on the side of the road.

One year after Irma, a National Hurricane Survival Initiative survey found that 3 out of 5 Floridians would refuse to evacuate, mainly because of concerns over traffic.

While DeSantis calls on residents, in the face To keep vigil of hurricane Dorian, he left the local officials in the 67 districts of Evakuieru state Warnings.

Evacuation orders are never popular. Even evacuation proposals annoy people – as Florida Keys officials stated on Saturday. On Friday, when the keys were uncertainly in the cone, the officials asked the visitors to go if they could.

On Saturday, when the new forecast showed that Dorian was no longer a threat to the islands, they reversed the course.

] It was nice to be outside, said Rhonda Holding of the Trade and Visitor Center of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce.

"Here you have a better chance of crossing Dorian than in the north," said Holding. "It's a beautiful, sunny day, a nice breeze blowing in. It would be a good day for fishing or snorkelling."

Jason Samenow contributed to this report.

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