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Incredible pictures show something sinister about the rocks of the asteroid Ryugu

Rocks on the surface of Ryugu, the distant asteroid currently being studied by the Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2, are strikingly similar to rocks of meteorites that have fallen on Earth.

This is the result of a team of European and Japanese scientists analyzing newly published photos taken by the robotic lander MASCOT of Hayabusa-2 from the surface of the asteroid in October 2018, reports Gizmodo.

Because the asteroid is thought to contain material from the earliest days of our solar system, the surprisingly dust-free asteroid resemblance to the rocks found on Earth could have a tremendous impact on understanding the planet's past.

Landed on Earth, according to researches of the team published on Friday in the journal Science .

Carbonaceous chondrites are among the oldest known rocks in the solar system, but the samples here on Earth were altered as they passed through the atmosphere.

When Hayabusa-2 finally brings samples back to Earth, scientists will finally have the opportunity to study the space rocks i in their original form.

"What we have from these images is really to know how the rocks and the material are distributed on the surface of this asteroid, how the weathering history of this material is and the geological context," said Rolf Jaumann of Das Deutsche Zentrum für Aerospace said to Gizmodo:

"It's the first piece of information about this type of material in its original environment."

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