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India's election results updated: The count is in progress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one of India's most powerful and divisive leaders in decades, is loud on Sunday's published exit polls for another five-year term that showed his party was a strong leader.

According to all major exit surveys, Mr. Modi's brand for nationalist Hindu policy, along with his efforts to project a strong image of India abroad, played a good role among the country's 900 million registered voters.

At least seven exit polls released by Indian news organizations on Sunday evening predicted that Mr. Modi's party, the Bharatiya Janata party or BJP and their allies would win at least 280 of the 545 seats in the lower house of parliament. Authorization to elect the next prime minister.

If actual results support the polls, this will be a more dominant achievement than many analysts thought possible a few months ago, when Mr Modi apparently struggled with economic issues

Voter turnout involved the history books – the greatest democratic exercise of all time.

In seven phases within 39 days, hundreds of millions of voters nationwide cast ballots in millions of polling stations across densely populated megacities and remote villages.

The turnout also reached a record high with more than 67 percent of voters.

It's a daunting achievement that requires 12 million election officials and cutting-edge technology.

At least 22 opposition parties, including the Congress Party, have submitted an application to the Election Commission to review the results before the final count is released on Thursday. They said that voting machines had been manipulated to protect the B.J.P. The election committee finally rejected this proposal on Wednesday.

Congress Party Chairman Rahul Gandhi expressed skepticism towards the electoral commission on his Twitter account.

– Reporting by Jeffrey Gettleman, Russell Goldman, Suhasini Raj, Kai Schultz, Hari Kumar, Ayesha Venkataraman and Sameer Yasir.

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