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Burnt Peace Pact, Jordan forbids Israelis entry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Jordan closed the border and prevented the entry of citizens Israel after the 1994 peace agreement between the two countries had expired on Sunday (10/11). According to the journalist's clock AFP in northern Israel, two yellow gates merging with the bridge between Israel and Jordan were closed with chains. Local officials said the Israeli army had …

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Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns

La Paz – Bolivian President Evo Morales has resigned. The statement was made after the Bolivian military also requested him to step down, and his allies began to leave him after protracted demonstrations following the October elections, Morales, who had been in power for nearly 14 years, said on Sunday (Oct. / 11) local time with. Morales said in television …

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There are people who are afraid to go home

Jakarta – Habib Rizieq Syihab, High Priest of the Islamic Defense Front (FPI), said he was unable to return to Indonesia by submitting a banned letter from the Indonesian government to the government of Saudi Arabia. He said his ban was unrelated to criminal proceedings. "I was forbidden to travel to Saudi Arabia, which was also written because it was …

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Thousands of people pray for Hong Kong students killed in clashes

Hong Kong – Thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to pray together for students who died in clashes with the police in anti-government rallies. It is feared that the death of the student will trigger a new wave of protesters' anger. As AFP announced on Saturday (9/11/2019), the chronology of the events that sparked the death of …

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NATO must change or risk being outdated

BERLIN – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said NATO must grow and change, otherwise there is a risk of being outdated. The statement came one day after French President Emmanuel Macron said the alliance was dying. Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects Macron's comments during an interview with The Economist of England. According to Merkel Macron, the statement was drastic. Pompeo …

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Catholic Church examines pregnant nuns at work in Africa

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Church Catholics are investigating two nuns who became pregnant during their mission trip to Africa . Fox News reported that the investigation was conducted because it violated strict sanctity rules. Quoted The Independent Thursday (7/11), two African nuns from different orders In Sicily, Italy, it was reported that she was pregnant during another mission. The first …

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