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Review of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Smartwatch for every atmosphere

Earlier this year, Samsung made the breakthrough with the introduction of smartwatch watches, which were available under the name Galaxy Active Watch. No! Interestingly, Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy Watch Active line with the Galaxy Watch Active2 mid of this year.

This smartwatch is available in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. In addition, Samsung gives the Galaxy Watch Active2 a different finishing touch, made of stainless steel or aluminum. Also interesting is that Samsung offers a bracelet to choose from or a very diverse bracelet.

What is the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2? By the way, we use this watch for more than a week. The Galaxy Watch Active2 we use is a 44mm model with gold (gold) wrapped stainless steel material. Meanwhile, the bracelet or watch band is made of brown leather.

Design and screen

As already mentioned, the Galaxy Watch Active2 we use is a 44mm model. Overall, the smartwatch measures 44.0 x 44.0 x 10.9 mm. With these dimensions, the 44mm model is of course perfect for those of you who have big wrists. The dead weight is 42 grams.

Manufactured from stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, users do not have to be concerned when this smart watch comes into direct contact with sweat. Samsung also beautifies the Galaxy Watch Actve2 with attractive colors, one of which is gold.

Samsung also has two buttons on the right side of this watch. There is a back button located above and below an on / off / home button. Samsung also has a microphone hole between the two buttons and a speaker hole on the side next to it.

When we go to the back of the watch, Samsung has loaded a heart rate sensor that calculates the heart rate. Yes Samsung has also equipped the Galaxy Watch Active2 with sensors for atmospheric pressure and pressure ventilation.

For the screen, the Galaxy Watch Active2 already uses a Super AMOLED panel with a size of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Not to be easily scratched, the Super AMOLED display, which slides into the Galaxy Watch Active2, is also protected with Gorilla Glass DX + from Corning. and looks clear. In hot sun all information on the screen is still legible.

Leather straps or straps feel more comfortable on the wrist and cause no irritation during prolonged use. Yes The size of this watchstrap is 20 mm (M / L size) with a brown bandage (brown). Interestingly, you can simply remove the strap if you want to replace it with another one.

Integrated in Galaxy Wearable

Like most other smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch Active2 is more optimal when connected to a smartphone. Yes To connect these two devices, Samsung has released a Galaxy Wearable application that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

If Galaxy Watch Active2 is integrated with smartphones in Galaxy Wearable, there are many options. Yes Generally speaking, we can make many settings with this application, eg. For example, notification settings to manage all applications that can later run on Galaxy Watch Active2.

One of the most interesting things is that we can also easily change the dial as a dial through the Galaxy Wearable application. Yes, the offered dials are also very different, although we can adjust them depending on the color of the clothes.

Many things can be done

As a smartwatch, Galaxy Watch Active2 offers a number of interesting features. First, this smartwatch can be a more effective device for making calls or sending short messages, either via SMS or in response to WhatsApp.

No less interesting, Galaxy Watch Active2 can also be an entertainment device to play music through Spotify or even enjoy videos on YouTube. Yes For this you need to install the two applications, of course, so that they are installed intact in the Galaxy Watch Active2.

Of course, Samsung has also equipped this latest smartwatch with a fitness tracking feature. Yes, you can use Galaxy Watch Active2 to count footsteps and heart rate, and of course there are features that allow you to calculate the sleep time to the stress level.

Be a loyal friend when you exercise. Galaxy Watch Active2 can also calculate some sports activities that are run by users. both outdoor and indoor sports. This smartwatch not only runs, but is also suitable for other sports such as swimming, cycling and various other sports.

Specifications of the Galaxy Watch Active2

For those of you who are curious about the guts of the Galaxy Watch Active2, Samsung has equipped this watch with a dual-core processor clocking 1.15 GHz. Embedded are 768 MB of RAM with 4 GB of internal storage capacity.

The smartwatch with Tizen operating system has a battery capacity of 340 mAh. In normal use with a fully connected smartphone, the Galaxy Watch Active2 battery can last up to 2 days with a charge of up to 100%.

Samsung has also equipped the Galaxy Watch Active2 with IP68 certification. Equipped with such certifications, this means that the Galaxy Watch Active2 is waterproof and dustproof. Yes You can also swim in freshwater for 30 minutes to a depth of 5 ATMs with this smartwatch.


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